Giving An Enema.


An enema is needed when stool must be removed from the bowel or intestine. How­ever, simple con­stipation in chil­dren should not be treated with enemas but with changes in the child's diet.


·        Equipment: Lukewarm water (water that feels com­fortably warm), salt, measuring spoon, enema kit/prepackaged enema, lubricant such as Vaseline, potty chair or toilet;

·        Wash your hands with soap and water. Count to 10 while washing, then rinse with clear water and dry.

·        Refer to the chart 1 for the right amount of water and salt for the child's age; never use plain tap water.

·        Mix the lukewarm water and salt.

·        Measure the rectal tube for the cor­rect distance.

·        Check to make sure the tube is clamped shut. Then fill the enema container with the solution.

·        Place the child in one of the following positions:

o       a.  Lying face down on belly with the knees and hips bent toward the chest.

o       b. Lying on the left side with the left leg straight and the right leg bent at the hip and knee and placed
comfortably on top of the left leg.

o       c. Sitting on the potty chair or toilet .

·        Allow the liquid to flow through the tube to remove air that is present. Clamp the tube.

·        Place a small amount of lubricant on your finger or on a tissue and spread the lubricant around the tip of the tube, being careful not to plug the holes with lubricant.

·        Gently put the tube into the child's rectum to the marked distance.

·        Holding the bottom of the container no more than 4 inches above the child, open the clamp and allow the liquid to flow. You may have to hold the tube in place.

·        When the container is empty, remove the tube.

·        Have the child keep the liquid inside for 3 to 5 minutes. If the child is too young to follow instructions, then hold the buttocks together to keep the liquid inside.

·        Help the child to the toilet or potty chair, or allow the child to release the liquid into a diaper.


·        Write down the appearance of the re­sults of the enema.

·        Wash your hands as above.