Reflexodiagnostics. Mikroakupunkturnye system. The combination of acupuncture zones. Principles of reflex analgesia.

In the last decade have begun to actively use the energy of physical factors for diagnostic purposes. This method of thermal imaging, ultrasound, laser diagnostics, electrical and electro-diagnostics. The development of these areas is promising, especially since mostly non-invasive methods of investigation.

System principles in reflexology (PT) is the basis sanogenesis, explains the possibility of compensatory reactions of the organism in various pathological conditions. It also gives the physician reason for choosing the optimal areas of action. In some cases, sufficient influence on the segmental apparatus and the affected organ, in others - need to connect the stem or cortical regions of the brain, or a combination thereof.

A similar approach at the same time can be called multi-level system, providing exposure to different levels of functional systems and contribute to the "unification of disparate functions." Such an approach could be achieved by methods of physiotherapy and physiopuncture (AF) and impossible with the use of drug therapy.

Analyzing the current approaches in the choice of zones of at RT, it is necessary to take into account the dualistic (system-antisystemic) the principle of regulation of any function, then there are many phenomena in biology are twofold: compensation, decompensation, assimilation, dissimilation, stress protection, adaptation, maladjustment, the advantage of tone sympathetic system (ANS) or parasympathetic; pain system - Pain, dysphoria, euphoria, etc.

In many cases, we need action not on pathologically changed system, and the physiologically stored antisistemuchto possible in the application of physical therapy (PT). This has been successfully used in the treatment of pain syndromes, when using low-frequency electrical stimulation of skin with short pulses (TENS), is excited predominantly antinociceptive system and thus inhibited the pain. It is also important to provide that the activation of neurons in the pain system may occur without the direct effects of harmful stimuli, and in artificial (often after prolonged use of certain drugs) or inhibition of activity of the natural analgesic system, disturbance of serotonin metabolism, the synthesis of peptides, changing the emotional tone, etc.

This mechanism of pain of central origin (suppression of antinociceptive system) underlies the appearance of pain when masked (hidden) and depression disappears in the appointment of antidepressants or adequate methods of CFT (electrosleep, central electroanalgesia, etc.)

Unfortunately, we must note that a systematic and systemic anti-systemic principle in the FT, as in general in European medicine, is de minimis, and little known. This is not the oriental medicine, where these principles were widely disseminated in the original rules of the theory of five basic elements (a-syn). These rules are clearly establishes the relationships between different organs and systems, such as heart and liver, spleen and liver, etc. Knowing these rules helps the doctor to freely navigate the selection of systems (antisystems) in each case and, in effect on the pathological system, select one that can help the "sick" system. There is a definite scheme of "relationship" between the main bodies (systems, meridians) regulating their influence on each other.

It should be noted some progress on the so-called Organ FT, when the influence of physical factors is carried out directly on the projection of the desired organ or part. For example, when newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis, studies have shown that effective use of low-frequency ultrasound on the projection of the focal changes in the lungs in conjunction with antituberculosis chemotherapy. NV Karmazin has convincingly proved the prospects of various physical factors on the spleen with a view to their immunomodulatory effect. The developed techniques gemofizioterapii already become classics. There are certain developments with direct stimulation of physical factors of endocrine glands.

Here we must recall that in Indian medicine under the influence of the so-called chakra (which is basically the projection of cutaneous glands) attached particular importance to the choice of a particular color (electromagnetic radiation of a specific wavelength) with a view to their stimulation. So, with "sexual chakra (sex glands: 1-chakra, the site womb) must act in red, on the chakra, which is located midway between the womb and the navel (stimulation of the adrenal gland, 2 nd chakra) - orange; at Chakra located midway between the umbilicus and xiphoid process (the projection of the solar plexus, third chakra) - yellow; thymus (4 th chakra) - green; thyroid (5 th Chakra) - blue; pituitary (6-I Chakra) - blue; epiphysis (7 th chakra) - purple or white. To reduce the function of specific glands to act opposite (contrast, according to Goering) color, ie, causing an opposite reaction (photoreaction). For example, in hyperthyroidism is known to use amber (yellow), necklaces, and this color is a contrasting blue, which stimulates this gland.

Electropuncture and electroacupuncture

Varieties of reflexology, where the effect on the AT by electrocution, were called electropuncture (surface transcutaneous electrical stimulation) and electroacupuncture (deep electrical stimulation through the needle).

The main parameters of electrical stimulation of acupuncture points: the voltage at the output of the apparatus does not exceed 10-12 V, but the intensity of regulation is carried out not by voltage and amperage on - from 0 to 500 mA (in some cases up to 1-2 mA). Use constant (galvanic) and alternating current. According to many authors, the head permissible amperage must not exceed 50 mA, and for other areas - less than 100 microamps (provided that the patient tolerates the procedure).


Apparatus for electroplating and electrophoresis

In cases where it is necessary to reach the exciting action (weak degree of stimulation), we should limit the duration of the procedure for one session of 30 seconds. 1-2 min. alternating current. When inhibitory effect on AT (treatment of pain syndromes, etc.), the exposure time by alternating current increases up to 10-30 minutes. and more. When electropunctural analgesia current parameters should be continuously varied from 0 to 500 mA, pulse frequency from 1 to 150 Hz or more, the duration of 0,5-2,0 ms.

Features of the action:

effects on biologically active points, taking into account the effect of the anode (the braking method) and cathode (stimulating method);

local effect due to the influence of the cathode or anode;

in common - a sedative, analgesic, stimulating effect depending on the strength and frequency.



 " - -24"              0 1000 . Apparatus "Magnon - SKIF -24" is designed for diagnosis and treatment of electric current in a frequency range from 0 to 1000 Hz.

Apparatus: "Z-10", "AEST-01", AESLT-01 "," MIT-1C "," MIT-1 ET2, etc.

Parameters of procedures (mentioned above).

Errors in prescription: do not take into account the necessary parameters of current depending on the underlying disease syndrome.

Example of prescription of electro during exacerbation of chronic lumbalgia:

Zone of influence - T (CP) 4, V (VII) in 1940 on the right and left.

The electrodes are fixed in the above AT and connected to the unit Z-10". AC, frequency 75-77 Hz (analgesic effect), the power - to the feeling of irradiation (about 500 microamps). Duration of treatment 15 minutes daily, for a course of sessions 7-14.

  : "̲-1 ' , "Z-10" . Electro-diagnostic techniques

HARDWARE: "MIT-1 EPD - computer diagnostics option," Z-10 "- hand.

METHOD Ryodoraku (Nakatani)

Proposed by I. Nakatani (1950). It is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of symmetrical points on the left and right lines Ryodoraku. The electrical conductivity of the skin depends primarily on the state of the sympathetic part of autonomic nervous system (ANS), brainstem structures and the reticular formation (RF). Like the meridians lines Ryodoraku 12.

Nakatani called these lines "meridians Ryodoraku" and each line gave the number and marked "H" or "F" (from the English. "Hand" - the hand and "foot" - leg). On each meridian there is a representative (representative), the point of measurement (left and right) that allows to evaluate the meridian as a whole. Most of these points (the point - the sources of the corresponding meridian) are located in parts of the wrist and foot.

Measuring point for the lines Ryodoraku are: H,-P (I) 9, N 2-MC (IX) 7, H,-C (V) 7, H 4-IG (VI) 5, H 5-TR (X) 4, H 6-IG (II) 5, F 2 - F (XII) 3, F 3-R (VIII) 3, F 4-V (VII) 65, F 5-VB (XI) 40, F 6 - - E (III) 42. The measurements of electrical resistance of the skin (to measure the applied DC power of 200 microamps and 12 V) at these points the electrical conductivity can be normal, increased or decreased.

For comparing the measurements of meridians Ryodoraku make them in specially-designed maps and in identifying violations of conduct appropriate treatment. When "excited" Ryodoraku (reduced electrical resistance of the skin) are at the point of sedation appropriate meridian electroacupuncture applying a current of 200 uA, 12 V and the exposure time 7 sec. Simultaneously, the same needle and hold mechanical irritation. During a "depressed" Ryodoraku (high electrical resistance of the skin) are at the point of toning using the same parameters as current, but less time. If the method Ryodoraku found no violations of the general electrical resistance of the skin, then use the local points with high electrical conductivity.

On the methods Ryodoraku close in thermosensitive informative diagnostic test Akabane.

The method of Voll

Method introduced in 1953 p. (P. Voll, 1974, 1981). Determined by the "potential of the reaction response" every point on the effect of electric current strength 1,5-12 1,5-3 mA and the voltage V. The diagnosis is based on the testimony of the device - speed and time deviation indicator ("the phenomenon of falling arrows and specific indications of the scale in conventional units). Indicator Survey conducted in 12 major classical and 8 new meridians Voll.


*    The method of Voll

*    At the beginning of the study measurements are in control measuring points (equipment) on the left and right, the legs and arms, and in case of detection of pathological abnormalities in a specific equipment additionally investigate 03.02 metameric items that meridian.

     , (, ), (, , , .). Voll method allows to determine not only the affected organ, but the nature of the process (inflammatory, degenerative), and in which tissues predominates (connective, fat, nerve, vascular, etc.). In recent years, the Voll method is used for medical testing (the selection of drugs), detection of allergens and nosology (etiological) diagnosis.

   , , . IJ   Voll method due to its non-invasive, painless, absolutely harmless and high information content is increasingly being used in medical practice.

More detailed methods of acupuncture diagnosis contained in the relevant textbooks.

Virtues on acupuncture points DIFFERENT KINDS OF RADIATION

1. Ultraviolet radiation

In medical practice has long been noted therapeutic effects of certain types of radiant energy (especially solar) in the state of the human body. After receiving an artificial ultraviolet spectrum, the possibility of practical use of this form of radiation energy increased significantly. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) acupuncture points has beneficial effects on the course of many diseases (bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer, radicular syndrome, skin diseases, etc.).

The method and technique UFO acupuncture points is simple. First, determine the biological dose (as is customary in physiotherapy), and the next day to start treatment.

     -   -01/27 " " (-4)        - -01/27 " " (-4)

ϳ   3-6    2 ( , 5 ). After searching the irradiation 6.3 points in one session of 2 biodozy for each (to avoid irradiation of adjacent skin areas used thick strips with holes about 5 mm). Irradiation of the same points possible in 2-3 days (after the reduction of erythema), followed by an increase in exposure time to 5-7 biodoz. Treatment and the usual number of sessions. Application of this method deserves special attention in pediatric practice, for example in the treatment of hemolytic jaundice in the newborn and others

2. Laser therapy

Impact on the acupuncture points with laser radiation. For laseropuncture often use low-power lasers generating radiation in the red (wavelength 632.8 nm) and infrared (820-980 nm) part of the spectrum.

Now introduced other types of laser - argon (wavelength 514.0 nm), carbon (11106.0 nm wavelength) lasers and other laser therapy carried out both in continuous and pulsed mode of emission. Approximate values of power flux density - about 5 mW / cm 2 (maximum of 50 mW / cm 2) for one point of corporal and 2 mW / cm 2 - at auricular points.


3. EHF-puncture

Method in which a therapeutic purpose to the point of traditional oriental medicine used millimeter waves from 1 to 10 mm.

In the literature there are different names for this method: microwave resonance therapy (MRT), information-wave therapy (IVT), millimeter-wave therapy (MMVT) EHF-therapy.

mhti 2image

    () AT. The basis of MRI is non-thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), millimeter by AT. In this case, EMI certain resonance frequency mimics the signals that the body produces. Their action helps restore damaged functional systems. Similar information and restorative effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human body has a significant therapeutic effect.

Installation of EHF-therapy


 - - - -


Features of: resonant energy absorption of electromagnetic radiation when exposed to biologically active points determines the development of anti-inflammatory, resolving, decongestants, analgesic, regenerative action.

For the treatment of patients with very high frequency electromagnetic radiation and low intensity (EMR Microwave BAT) are commonly used industrial generators, "F4-142, as well - special generators for medical purposes," Electronics-UHF "," The Moor "," Reality-1 "" Jav-1-2M "," ICT-THRESHOLD "," MIT-1 ", etc.

mht 080imageimagemht 083

MD Kolbun (2000) argues that the essence of ICT is in the interaction with the body specially organized by the electromagnetic radiation (EMR), ultra-low intensity (electromagnetic homeopathy), adequate radiations of cells, organs and systems.

The main advantages of the method:

a) Environmentally friendly (easy to fit the body), because the power and frequency, which is applied EMR radiations adequate cell biological object.

b) Polyfunctionality because, by definition, a method of information, recovers electromagnetic homeostasis of cells, organs and systems, it allows you to unleash a series of medical problems. Improves the immune system, has anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, detoxification, anti-stress action.

c) A holistic approach to the body. Treated not the disease, and people.

d) The principle of biofeedback. During each session, the body perceives across the spectrum (frequency menu), only those frequencies that are currently in a particular state of the body restore its electromagnetic homeostasis. This applies to devices that generate electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies, that is working in the noise mode, but within the limits of MM-waves.

imagemhti 1

Direct influence of electromagnetic radiation is carried out on the necessary AT, which are chosen by all the rules and laws of modern Tajikistan. Important is the search for AT with a search of electric devices such as "Z-10", because the permeability and saturation properties of the radiation depend on the accuracy of the impact on the AT.

In contrast to classical AP correction effect by manipulating the needle (the change of the direction the needle punctures, etc.) prior to the alleged experiences with EMR is not possible, requires the prior precise definition of AT. Follow-up treatment is that the device is ready to work according to instructions, then the end of a radiator or a waveguide is directed to a selected AT. After this, some devices provide the necessary choice of therapeutic resonant frequency of electromagnetic radiation. To find the right frequency based on the fact that at a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation in the patient may experience some sensory phenomena resembling a state that appears most often in the end of the procedure of the classical acupuncture (drowsiness, sometimes goes to sleep, muscle relaxation, a feeling of warmth or coldness, paresthesia) ie These phenomena are of a general or local in nature, including at the site of the affected organ.

These feelings arise in each case at a certain frequency, which is called the resonant frequency, ie frequency, which has the most pronounced therapeutic effect. The range of these frequencies are typically in the range 30-65 GHz. However, most (90-95%) therapeutic frequency is the wavelength of 5.6 mm (frequency of 53,534 0,01 GHz) or 7.1 mm (frequency of 42,194 0,01 GHz). Similar technical characteristics of the devices of "MIT."

Selecting a therapeutic resonant frequency is one of the most important stages of MRI, largely determines the success of treatment by this method as a whole. When using the machine, "Reality-1-2M 'choice of the resonance frequency is not necessary because the generation of conducted EMI in the spectrum of self-resonance frequency, which often occurs - (53 0,01) GHz and (42 0,01) GHz with a small automatic fluctuation, respectively, 0,05 GHz and 0,1 GHz, which guarantees the "capture" of the individual resonance frequency of 90-95% of all cases.

In the treatment of MRT power density at the output of the emitter is typically less than 10 mW / cm 2 (average of 3 2 mW / cm 2). MRI session lasts from 5-6 to 20-25 minutes, the number of sessions and individually, from 3-5 to 15-20 on a course of treatment. Repetition rates is possible in 1-2 months. In case of necessity for the year are about 4 cycles, ie principles for the duration of sessions and duration of courses similar to the techniques of classical acupuncture.

The use of MRI without sufficient regard for the nuances of the clinic, acupuncture diagnostics with formulaic action on the bracing point (tsu-san-li, E (W) 36, he-gu GI (II) 4, etc.) gives positive results in almost 50-55% patients. Therefore, besides the ability to determine the individual resonance frequency should be aware of the modern Republic of Tatarstan and the laws of the AP.

In recent years, worked and identified some general principles for improving the effectiveness of MRI, namely:

1. determination not only clinical but also acupuncture diagnosis with the elucidation of the functional state of the affected system (redundancy, failure);

2. MRI affects mainly on the meridian system with increased function, and the laser (red) - with low;

3. account the "energy orientation" meridians, ie is a meridian - centrifugal or centripetal (depends on the choice of points above or below), as well as cyclical rhythm of the meridians, on which the optimal time of MRI;

4. AT accurate search and accurate summing up of the wave emitter to them;

5. correct choice of acupuncture zones for MRI, ie, correct compilation of "recipes" points.

If in case of compliance with these requirements of the MRI does not give adequate results, while additionally, the following options:

1. impact on the meridian (meridians) with the major functional changes before a session MRI pulsed DC power of 10-100 mA for 5-20 min. Use the entry and exit points, and the direction of the electric current depends on the direction of energy meridians, electric effect may be replaced laseropuncture helium-neon laser on the modified functionality of the system with frequency modulation of the laser beam. In this case, frequency modulation of both laser and electrical action gets individually depending on the particular disease. In contrast to MRI, given the very high frequency oscillations in individual cells, and possibly molecules, the frequency characteristics of the laser or electric influence, consider organ rhythms. So, use low-frequency oscillations in the range from 0 to 10 Hz, this approach increases the sensitivity of the affected organ to the next MRI;

2. increased sensitivity to MRI can be achieved as if simultaneously with a session of MRI in "sympathetic" point and point-spokesperson of the affected meridian "administered acupuncture needles or the affected organ affected by the magnetic field. The use of MRI requires further improvement, and the prospects of their use is beyond doubt.

Parameters of procedures:

Methodology: The effects on biologically active points;

1. power of influence: 0,1-10 mW / cm 2 on individually selected for the patient resonant frequency (52-56 GHz), radiation levels (0,1-10 kW), with the sensory client, a local sensation of warmth, "filling" and muscle relaxation in the affected organ under the influence of the corresponding ABC;

2. location of the emitter: contact;

3. value of the emitter: the localizer for a point radiation on ABC;

4. resonant frequency: from 52 to 62 GHz;

5. Length of procedure: 15-20 minutes;

6. frequency of procedures: daily, every other day, 10-12 procedures.

Example recipe: MMX-therapy (specify diagnosis or syndrome), 10 mW / cm 2, contact, 5 min. each BAT daily, 12 treatments.



For termopunktury (cauterizing, heating) using heat sources with a limited area of thermal effect of distance and contact types.

Remote termopunktura. An example of remote termopunktury may be warming up with wormwood cigar - one of the most convenient types termopunktury.

There are three types of exposure: a stable, intermittent and strokes. At a stable influence heaters set at such a distance from the surface of the skin in the area of acupuncture, the patient felt a strong heat in the area. Duration of treatment 5-10 min. and more. Carried a strong irritant.

imageuvchi 6

Wormwood cigar

Intermittent rhythmic influence is approaching the point of acupuncture and away from her radiant source. Procedure duration 2-5 minutes. Carried out a weak irritating effect.

Trouser type of influence provides heating, not only acupuncture, but also a relatively large area through the continuous movement of heaters at close range, parallel to the skin that is warm.

In recent years the practice of RT is increasingly incorporated electrothermal devices for local and dosed by contact on the acupuncture zone.

  Philips HP 3616 (150 )     Philips HP 3616 (150 )

Electrothermal device for local and dosed


Termopunktura is a safe method. However, it should be used cautiously in areas of the face, neck and neck, close to major blood vessels, fibrous parts of the body.

Termopunktura particularly shown in pediatric practice, and debilitated patients and elderly people. More appropriate to its holding in chronic diseases, cold and wet seasons. This method is effective for skin diseases, particularly with the phenomena of exudation (eg, wet eczema), and alopecia. In children, the method of heating can be used as emergency aid for dyspepsia. In these cases, the heated area of the navel through the pre-rolled in and uniformly distributed salt (10-20 g). Warming can be remote (heaters), or a broken method for 5 minutes, until the disappearance of pain. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day.



Cryogenic (cold) AT action is performed by special metal cone, which put ice or other coolant. Sometimes the use of cryogenic dispersion effects.

Procedure kriopunktury


Kriopunkturu patients transferred easily. The method is effective in pain syndromes, spastic paresis, sudorgah, hypertension.

uzti 3

Apparatus kriopunktury


In the pediatric practice of kriopunktury more appropriate for CP to reduce the high muscle tone.




Features actions: sedative, obschestimuliruyuschee, regenerative, choroid.

HARDWARE: AF-3-1 ", " AF-2.

fra 1

Procedure franklinization


Parameters of procedures:

a) technique: local (on acupuncture points);

b) the type of electrode: "spider" for the overall franklinizatsii;

a) the intensity of exposure: dosed largest output voltage in kV - 20-30 kV;

d) Duration of treatment: 15 min;

d) The frequency of treatments: daily, every other day on the course 10-12 procedures.

Errors in prescribing doctor: Do not use the procedure for preventive action and obschestimuliruyuschego, uses a common electrode aerotherapy for common procedures franklinizatsii, do not follow the presence of metal objects on the patient.

An example of a recipe or formulation purposes

Acupuncture franklinizatsiya in degenerative diseases with a pain syndrome, the electrode "spider", a gap of 20 cm, voltage 30 kW, 15 min, 10 procedures.



At the heart of neurohumoral mechanism of action of acupuncture method are complex reflex (local, segmental, subcortical-cortical reaction), including the central parts of the brain, including reticular formation, subcortical-stem structures, the limbic system and cortical formation, leading to a rebalancing of the basic nervous processes, neurovegetative relations with the improvement of adaptive, protective and compensatory reactions of the organism.


This therapy, referring to the mechanism of pathogenesis of many chronic diseases, can reduce or eliminate symptoms of the disease, especially in the stages of functional impairment, with increased stability (resistance) of the organism as a whole.


1. Diseases of the peripheral nervous system with sensory and motor impairment (radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia, plexites).

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, electropuncture, electroacupuncture, laser puncture, irritation of a bunch of needles, massages (jar, dot), moxibustion, franklinizatsiya in conjunction with acupuncture, tsubo therapy, microneedle.

2. Neuroses: neurasthenia, neurosis, obsessions, fear, sexual disturbances, neurasthenic syndromes: nocturnal enuresis, hiccups, logoneurosis, dyskinesia, tics, blepharospasm, tremor, etc.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, irritation bunch of needles, massage spot, microneedles, EHF-therapy (nocturnal enuresis).

3. Substance abuse, tobacco use.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, electroacupuncture, laser puncture.

4. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: functional disorders of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, biliary tract, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, constipation.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, burning, irritation, a bunch of needles, the resonance of EHF-therapy and laser puncture, microneedle.

5. Vascular disease and circulatory system: Hypertension I-II stage, functional angina and arrhythmia, hypotension, atherosclerosis (early stage), and thromboangiitis obliterans.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, laser puncture, irritation of a bunch of needles, acupressure.

6. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, muscles, exchange, rheumatic, traumatic origin.

Treatment: classical acupuncture, ultrasound irradiation, laser puncture, electropuncture, massage - cupping, Spot, mikropresorefleksoterapiya (plate), tsubo therapy, franklinizatsiya in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, magnetic therapy.

7. Diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic tracheitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, moxibustion, massage spot, cupping, mikroigloterapiya.

8. Diseases of the skin, subcutaneous tissue: eczema, atopic dermatitis, itchy skin, anus, genitals, urticaria.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, moxibustion, laser puncture.

9. Diseases of the ear: Meniere's disease, cochlear neuritis, chronic vasomotor and allergic rhinitis.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, cauterization.

10. Endocrine disorders: diabetes mellitus, menopausal disorders, mild thyrotoxicosis, obesity.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, burning, irritation, a bunch of needles.

11. Diseases of the autonomic nervous system: solyarity, migraine, vegetative-vascular paroxysms, Raynaud's disease, facial simpatalgii, simpatoganglionity.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, moxibustion, electropuncture, acupressure.

12. Gynecological diseases: hormonal female infertility, menstrual disorders, chronic salpingo-oophoritis, ovarian dysfunction.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, moxibustion, electroacupuncture with the positive pole, aurikulopunktura.

Relative indications

1. Residual effects of stroke.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, irritation bunch of needles, kraniopunktura, acupressure.

2. Hypothalamic syndrome with neuroendocrine and trophic disorders.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, laser puncture, microwave effects (Luch-2 ")

3. Pain syndromes on the basis of organic diseases of urogenital sphere, cholangitis, cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, cauterization.

4. Epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy.

Treatment: classic acupuncture, aurikulopunktura, moxibustion, skalpterapiya, irritation bunch of needles, electropuncture, laser puncture, acupressure.


"Reflex-301", "Electronics Elite-4", "Elap", "Elap WEF", Z-10, "MIT."

Parameters of procedures:

a) technique:

1) determining the functional state of the ABC, and if found different conduction current, the BAP to be therapeutic intervention to restore the same electrical conductivity;

2) Search for low-resistance ABC; treatment with the devices' electronics Elite-4 "," Reflex-301, etc.;

3) the method of "small circle", ie impact on the local ABC in the area of pathological source;

4) the influence of direct electric current from the anode - anti-inflammatory, soothing, inhibitory effect, with the cathode - resolving, irritant, stimulant, tonic;

b) Intensity: dosed at the current strength in microamperes (uA) and depends on the zone in which BAT is: for those heads - 25-50 microamps to the back, lower back, lower extremities - 250-300 mA for the chest, abdomen - 75-100 mA for the upper extremities - 50-75 mA;

c) the duration of treatment: 30 sec. 5 min. on auricular ABC from 5 to 20 minutes. and more on corporal ABC;

g) The frequency of treatments: daily, every other day, on a course of treatment 12.6 procedures;

d) the particular methodology: depends on the accuracy of finding the point and the location of the anode or cathode active point (BAP).

Errors in prescription: not indicated in the recipe layout anode and cathode on the basis of impact; incorrectly determined the location of the ABC, not metered power current supplied to the ABC, do not take into account the exposure time, do not take into account the compatibility with other types of spa procedures for this day.

An example of a recipe or formulation purposes: electropuncture (electroacupuncture): Enter the site, taking into account the affected meridian, the location of the electrodes, current, exposure time, 10 treatments daily.



In clinical practice, widely used combined treatment with medication, RT, natural and preformed physical factors. The purpose of comprehensive treatment is optimal therapeutic results, which reach a synergy of factors acting on the body. In order to achieve synergies in the complex therapy needs to know:

- Etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, character, stage, and especially its course in a particular patient;

- Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and especially the action of the drug;

- The essence of therapeutic physical factors, the mechanism of therapeutic action, specificity and consistency, technique and method of application.

All the above concerns and other options reflexology.

With these data now accepted best options for a combination of certain drugs with reflex therapy, physio-and balneotherapy, and homeopathy.

Combining RT and physiotherapy, should be remembered that the RT - it physiopuncture, then there is action on the AT by various physical factors, and the classical acupuncture - a Chinese version of the physical therapy (acupuncture and moxibustion - the mechanical and thermal effects on the AT).

Unlike acupuncture to physical therapy, firstly, is the size of the zones, and secondly, the RT has a more focused effect on individual organs, function or system that grounded theory of meridians (channels of life). Effect of physiotherapy treatment is more common compared with RT. That is what contributes to the wider application of RT in pediatrics and in patients of older age groups compared with the physio-and balneotherapy.

Thus, the combination of RT with physical therapy is regarded mainly as a combination of various physical factors.

In a single day for most patients should not be combined:

1) effect on the same reflexogenic zone (eg, collar, lumbar, etc.) by the methods of RT and physiotherapeutic factors;

2) procedures using identical or similar in their physical characteristic factors (eg, electro-and galvanization, microwave resonance therapy and laser beam near-infrared, etc.);

3) procedures for multi-directional steps: heating and cooling (eg, kriopunkturu and paraffin);

4) if the purpose of general ultraviolet irradiation is antirahiticheskoe action, it is inappropriate to combine it with termopunkturoy or laser therapy because it reduces antirahitichesky effect.

Expedient to change the RT, physio-and balneotherapy (a day). In some cases they can be combined and implemented in a single day, provided the interval between treatments at least 2-3 hours


The combination of RT with drug treatment:

1) RT combined with non-narcotic analgesics, which significantly enhances their action;

2) a combination of RT with aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), which significantly reduces the ulcerogenic action of the latter;

3) RT, which has marked restorative effect, contributes to more efficient use of antibiotics;

4) RT reduces the allergenic effects of most drugs, in connection with which its use is shown in the case of the risk of allergies;

5) stimulants, antidepressants, nootropics tools enhance and prolong the effects of RT, whereas the group of diphenylmethane tranquilizers like effect found in subtherapeutic (small) doses;

6) tranquilizers - benzodiazepine derivatives, antipsychotics at therapeutic doses, drugs reduce the effect of RT;

7) is not recommended for RT during the application of high doses of hormones, and after the repeal of RT is quite justified;

8) Most homeopathic medicines compatibility with RT and physiopuncture.


RT is used in prosthetic dentistry. This involves both the withdrawal of actual pain (anesthesia), as well as on the Elimination of acoustic stress. Successfully be used RT in the treatment of paresthesias, emerging after prosthetic dentistry.

Thus, the study of different methods refleksoanalgezii (RA) for preparation of hard dental tissues for non-removable prosthesis (acupuncture, electroacupuncture, pressoelektroakupunktura) revealed their relevance to the degree of analgesia. In addition, the high effect of prolonging RA: in 69,8% patients showed a sustained absence of any pain on the part of prepared teeth. Analysis of changes of some hemodynamic parameters and respiration rate as a result of RA indicating a high physiological adequacy of the combined methods and feasibility of their use up to 40 years. The mechanism of the stress state in the teeth preparation is associated with acoustic processes, representing a reflex effect on human mental activity. This refers to a range of stimuli - a drill noise, pressure and vibration during the preparation of teeth, fever, dental tissues, etc. Such as grinding your teeth gives patients considerable discomfort and even pain. In this case, was the dependence of the patient's response to his temperament. Often the symptoms of acoustic stress persisted for several (up to 24) hours after preparation, this is especially characteristic of persons with a melancholic type (according to Eysenck). Tension that arises in patients who are not always related only to the psyche, so that therapy may not always be effective.

One of the main activities of rational psycho with teeth preparation is to change the perception of stimuli. The factors determining the success of the RT, but the correct choice of the points of irritation, the method of action and intensity, also include the general state of the organism and direct active participation of the patient during the treatment itself.

The first step towards the application of RT is the finding of antibodies in the patient. Leadership is the relief of human anatomy and topography of the meridians on the classical technique. Palpation reveal points which, when pressed to answer them easy to strain and painful reaction. The patient is told that the relevant points are found true, and discomfort caused by the introduction of a needle, must soon cease or decrease in a few seconds, then comes the therapeutic effect IRT. Because of this some time after injection in patients a sense of calm, pleasant relaxation, drowsiness, mood improves, there is often a feeling of joy, "to clarify in my head", the ease of the mind.

The needles enter the slow or fast rotational sometimes jump movements. To increase the use of force stimulation stabbing motion back and forth ("bird biting"). To reduce the perception of pain, use a sharp, straight needle, and before and after its introduction, make a gentle massage of the injection site - to address local muscle strain. After the appearance of the patient's sense of lung distention, numbness, aches, a needle is left - the threshold of sensation sensitivity achieved, and hence there is a guarantee of a positive effect.

Comparing psychotherapy and RT is in favor of the latter: all the indicators (ECG, EEG, GSR), characterizing the stress reaction, 1-2 evaluation scale division neyropsihogrammy below. However, the best, perhaps, is still a combination of psychotherapy and acupuncture.

Termopunctura. Bioresonance therapy (BRT-punctura)

Electrostimulating reflexology. Electromyostimulation.

Laser puncture and laseroacupuncture



Reflexotherapy is a massage therapy invented in the Chinese medicine based on the stimulation by applying pressure on various feet and hand points. Its a type of alternative medicine similar to acupressure and reflexology.

People who practice reflexotherapy believe that all points on feet and palms have their own equivalent in the whole body. Stimulating these energetically active points on feet and hands causes an instinct reaction in respective body organs. In reflexotherapy a principle of counter receptors is used. The principle is based on a belief that upper body parts have their equivalents in lower body parts. For instance, a left leg is a counter receptor to the left arm, left hand is connected with right foot.

The therapy is based on the assumption that human body is divided into ten horizontal spheres which begin from the tips of toes and go to the top of the head, from the top of the head to the tips of fingers. Those parts of the body which belong to one sphere, are believed to be linked energetically. With appropriate pressure (rubbing, pressing) applied to feet and hands we can stimulate work of the organs from one particular sphere.

The lower part of the feet has got over 70 thousand nerve-endings connected with the whole body. The impulses evoked by pressing and rubbing of feet and hands are transmitted to all parts of the brain and body. This is how we can improve the work of blood and lymphatic systems, which affects the work of whole organism.

Human body contains 10 spheres called canals which are symmetrically placed on both sides of the body - five on the left side, five on the right side. Body organs placed in one sphere are linked with each other through nerves and energy. If a disease affects one sphere it can spread and block the canals. As a consequence, the energy flow to some organs is obstructed. For instance, a kidney disease can make a person more susceptible to right eye problems and conditions. Stimulation of an appropriate point on feet can restore the balance of the whole sphere, unblock the energy flow and improve its overall functioning.

An therapeutic session is usually performed in warm and comfortable room, patients can listen to calm, relaxing music. During the first meeting, therapists gather information about patients diseases and lifestyle. Before the session you have to take out shoes and socks so as the therapist could directly press the receptors. Sometimes they rub the feet and hands with talcum. The session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes during which a patient sits comfortably in an armchair or lies on a coach. The beginning and the ending of the whole session is devoted to the relaxation technique which is intended to remove the tension from the midriff, ankles and joints. At first, the therapist messages the whole foot and then concentrates on the sphere affected by the disease. Patients dont feel any pain during the treatment, its rather a feeling of tickling in the arms and hands. Its a normal reaction which is a sign of improvement of blood circulation. The mood after the session usually depends on the individual character features of a person, some feel relaxed and motivated to action whereas others feel tired.

Reflexotherapy is suitable for people of all ages. It can be applied for fighting the disease, treating complaints or improving general health condition of a person. It is safe for children and pregnant women, theres even a possibility that self treatment can be effective in some minor conditions. Before you do that, for your own safety, you should study the information about the receptors found in hands and feet.


Treatment for specific conditions:


- delicate message, stroking and pressing with the tip of the thumb

- concentrating on spheres of midriff, kidneys or adrenal glands


- massage should start from points responsible for stimulating shoulders, thumb moves slowly forward the spine sphere

- session should be performed four times per each foot

- the massage should begin with the spheres of head and neck, then pressure should be moved to the places responsible for small intestine and spine

- both feet should be massaged


- the massage starts from the spheres of the head, then the pressure should be applied to the spheres where problems occur

- in case of fever its good to massage the sphere responsible for pituitary gland

Feet sphere:


- responsible for head and the neck


- responsible for the right side of the pelvis and sciatic nerve


- responsible for the pelvis and reproductive organs

Soft hills

- responsible for lungs, chest and shoulders

Outer side if feet

- responsible for arms, shoulders, hips, legs and lower part of the spine



TERMOPUNCTURA is one of the most popular methods of reflexology lies in the local effects of heat on the reflex (acupuncture) points of the body. If acupuncture in Chinese is denoted by the word zhen, then termopunktura - word jeou. Hence the "east" is the name of the Chinese reflexology - Zhen-chiu therapy. The mere fact that the method termopunktury entered the very designation of one of the leading areas of traditional medicine, said about its antiquity.

Thermal activation of acupuncture points is carried out in various ways. Most old (classic) jeou is based on the use of wormwood or coal cigars dissipates decay heat flow, which is directed to biologically active points. Direct contact with skin cigar while not happening.

There are other methods of using heat. Thus, in the practice of Mongolian traditional medicine (especially for pain in the joints) termopunktura used the acupuncture rules: strongly heated needles are introduced deep under the skin. It is used as the method of heating the needle, already introduced in the acupuncture point. This can be done (of course, very carefully), even with an ordinary match.

Practiced and the so-called "Moxa", when using sticks from the pressed Artemisia point sear, ie hot, smoldering tip of the wand is applied to the skin very close. It also should be very careful to avoid the burn: in fact, have to balance the influence of intense heat and fire tight contact with the skin.

By a peculiar variety termopunktury can (with reservations) and classified in recent years has received wide popularity method of stimulating acupuncture points by electricity or a laser beam. First of all, it is appropriate when the patient for some reason afraid of acupuncture or can not stand the smell of smoke from smoldering cigar, which, incidentally, by some estimates, has the additional ailments. Should also mention that termopunktura - is not only a thermal effect, but in recent years the popular "cold" (ice, dry carbon dioxide, etc.).

Sometimes in China-jeou cigars (in fact it is unusual sticks) made of charcoal. Yet the most effective teplopunktura using wormwood sticks (resembles a cigar). Their preferred as Asia (Far East), doctors, and reflexologist European countries.

If done correctly jeou, the temperature of a shielded layer of ash on the tip glow lit a cigar does not exceed 43-45 C. This temperature is safe for the skin and is quite sufficient for deep heating of the reflex zones. There are several techniques of burns:

- Heated jeou. Cigar remains stationary. Smoldering end of the first set at a distance of 1,5-2 cm from the skin, and then gently close to the point. If the patient does not feel pain, it means that actions are right. Heat should be calming, pleasant. Thermal jeou usually excites;

- Klyuyuschee jeou. Movement, such as a hen gathers the grain: alternately (every 2 seconds) cigarette closer to the point and is removed from it. Burning should appear and disappear. The impact on each point goes up to 5 min.;

- Smoothing jeou. A burning cigar is found above the source of pain, capturing a rather large area. The fire is close to the body (here, guided by intuition and feelings of the patient's physician). Thermal effects of continuous - for 3-12 minutes. This method has a calming effect.

All heat acupuncture is based and built on the principles and canons of ancient Chinese traditional medicine, uses the concept of balance in the body energy "yin and yang. For this purpose, using the acceleration or deceleration passage of energy flows in the energy meridians of the body.

Usually a session termopunktury in the treatment of any disease begins with the impact of the so-called "point of longevity" - tsu-san-li, which are located beneath the knees in a small hole (closer to the outside of the legs). At these points, using methods of heated and smoothing jeou. Then klyuyuschim jeou processed point of the liver, which is located under the right scapula.

It is important when termopunkture and point in the center of the foot, directly (through reflex Internet organism) associated with adrenal function. Here wormwood candle set at a distance of 1,5-2 cm and duration of heating, increasing from session to session, brought to 10 minutes. On the correctness of the choice of said light numbness in the lumbar region, the skin on the foot with only a slight blush. Important role played by the acupuncture points located on the right of the big toe, right foot (and left - the left foot). They represent the thyroid gland. This method is applied first heated and then klyuyuschego jeou. Another commonly used health-improving point - "he-gu (located on the back of the hands in the" triangle "between the thumb and forefinger).

Studies have shown that termopunktura very good agreement with the majority of areas of both official and alternative medicine. Especially effective is it in combination with the finger point massage (with a predominant influence on the reflex zones and points of stop), other methods of reflex manual treatment. Using the developed and clinically proven schemes and technology termopunktury, you can achieve good therapeutic results with:

- Vegetative vascular dystonia, certain heart disorders, drops in blood pressure, cerebrovascular disorders;

- All kinds of pain (especially in the joints and spine);

- Number of neuroendocrine skin diseases (especially neurodermatitis, eczema and even psoriasis);

- A wide range of allergic syndromes.

Indications for treatment termopunkture apply to diseases such as bronchial asthma, stomach ulcers, colitis, cystitis, dismenorreya and several other neurological and psychogenic disorders of internal organs.


A large number of important points which have reflexive regulatory relationship with virtually all internal organs, located on the ears, as well as on the palms and feet. Therefore termopunktura has found wide application in such areas reflexology, as Su-Jok therapy and auriculotherapy. In modern Western medicine (Germany, Sweden, USA and others) termopunktura used in the practice of qualified doctors only as a component of the integrative complex treatment, including scientific pharmacology, physiotherapy, homeopathic remedies, herbal preparations, etc.



Bioresonance therapy (BRT-punktura)


Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is the functions' correction of the organism under the influence of electromagnetic radiation strictly defined parameters,like as the fork is responsible for a specific frequency range of sound waves.

The idea using weak electromagnetic fluctuations of BRT, inherent to the patient, was first raised and scientifically justified by F. Morelli (1977).

In a normal physiological state of the body is supported by the relative synchronization of different vibrational (wave) processes, while pathological states, there are violations of vibrational harmony.

This can be expressed in violation of the basic rhythms of physiological processes, for example, by a sharp prevalence of trigger mechanism or braking in the central nervous system and changes in cortical-subcortical interactions.

BRT - is fluctuating electromagnetic therapy, which includes the structure of the organism in response.

The impact is possible on the cellular level, and at the level of organ systems and holistic organism.

The main idea of using resonance in medicine is that by properly selecting of frequency and forms of treatment (electromagnetic) its can enhance the effects of normal (physiologic) and reduce the pathological variations in the human body.

Thus, bioresonance impact may be directed to neutralize the pathological and to restore physiological fluctuations, irregularities in pathological states.

The highest priority should be given options of BRT, based on the choice of frequency and forms of therapeutic treatment signal by using feedback from the patient or those in which a form of therapeutic signal, for example, corresponds with the bioelectric activity of various structures in the normal (physiological) state of the organism.

There are two main types of therapy:

-endogenous BRT - this therapy is its own electromagnetic fluctuations in the human body after their special treatment;

-exogenous BRT - this is therapy with external signals, which separate organs and systems of the human body is composed of resonance, for example, with magnetic fields created by special generators.

Core bioresonance therapy.

Different types of bioresonance therapy are divided into specific and nonspecific. Nonspecific therapy is usually carried out with hand and foot electrodes, flexible flat and roller electrodes. This therapy is not directed at any specific organ or tissue, not any specific function or a meridian.

For specific bioresonance include various forms of therapy in acupuncture points, sore spots and areas, treatment of scars, treatment with your own selections and body therapies using allergens.

There are overlapping with nonspecific bioresonance therapy, and both these concepts can not be with great precision separated. For example, treatment with the help of allergens carried out through manual electrode, not a specific or nonspecific. Allergen, if found, is unique. Electrode Hand is not specific. But the therapy at the point is entirely specific. Thus, we must deal with each separately the situation.

The most frequent nonspecific bioresonance therapy is the basic therapy. Core called because it as a basis for therapy is conducted at the beginning of almost any course of treatment. It saves time and effort, make follow-specific therapy more effective and simpler, because much smaller number of points should be "treated" after the basic therapy.

Typically, after the basic therapy bioresonance many pathological values are normal. In many cases, it is only one basic therapy, there is no need to connect dots therapy, because the values they had been aligned.

Basic or standard bioresonance therapy in many cases has proved very useful. It was shown that approximately 60% of cases the use of only one basic therapy was so successful that did not require any additional treatment. Evaluating the effectiveness of therapy conducted las either to change the status of the patient - whether he felt himself completely healthy and had all the symptoms, or at the values in the acupuncture points - the value of points can be described as the offset.

In relation to the basic therapy, there is no contraindications, as there are no contraindications for bioresonance therapy. Therefore, it should be carried out in the first place and in every case.

The boundaries of the application

Count on the success of bioresonance therapy - therapy can be in treating any condition in which the significant role played by electromagnetic fluctuations, information, whether it is information pathology or health. This is a very large scope.

Unknown no area of medicine, which would not have played any role own variations patient. Therefore, we can say that attempts to apply this method there are no boundaries and contraindications.

There is a chance that even with serious illnesses or life-threatening conditions, through elimination of pathological fluctuations able to make improvements.

And after that, against the backdrop of improved conditions may be followed by appropriate therapy, such as surgery. The risk she will be greatly reduced.

Still, there are conditions, the existence of which causes the impossibility of applying bioresonance therapy. These reasons, denoting the boundaries of the use of the technique can be divided as follows:

* Anatomical causes

* Toxicity

* Mental reasons

* The condition of deficit in the body

* Lack of fluctuations in the spectrum of patients of any critical fluctuations

As an example of the complex anatomical reasons might include bones, bad srosshiesya after the fracture. Here it comes to this final state, which is the method bioresonance therapy - therapy had no impact, namely: either the incorrect position of the bones, or the resulting pain or functional violations. But during the phase of merging fracture. This method can be very high. It speeds up merging, reduces pain and speeds up the overall process of recovery.

In severe poisoning, that is with "zatoplenii" the body of toxins, bioresonance therapy treatment of non-or under-effectively. It should be noted that in such cases the toxin biochemical effect of its mass is "superior" impact of electromagnetic information that could be in this case, "turn off" that the elimination of pathological fluctuations will be unsuccessful.

One can hardly imagine that in the event of acute arsenic poisoning may rescue the patient through bioresonance medication therapy, although, however, such attempts are simply not done.

Conversely, there are toxicity, which completely fall within the scope of testimony to bioresonance therapy - therapy, and in the first place, such poisonings, which are based not on the outside, but on internal causes. It is understood uremic or diabetic coma. In such emergencies method bioresonance therapy - therapy can be very useful.

The applications of bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is especially effective in cases where the achievement of therapeutic success by traditional methods impossible or involves more time and other costs.

It combines the principles of such treatments as acupuncture, elektropunktura to Fall, homeopathy, nozodoterapiya, izoterapiya, nevroterapiya and many others are not trying to replace any of them.

Indications are the same as that of a homeopathic therapy, acupuncture and biomedicine in general. In the first place - a chronic degenerative diseases, rheumatism, weakening the immune system, allergies. Pain of all kinds.

Neuralgic pain, rheumatic neuralgia, tumor pre-and postoperative pain that is hard to heal wounds, post-treatment. Asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, duodenitis, ulcers, pain as a result of malignant tumors. Therapeutic effects can occur at any body organs and systems.

Some diseases, in which achieved therapeutic success: migraines, chronic and acute diseases of lymphatic system, heart and cardiovascular disease, pancreatitis, pancreatic cyst, uterine and ovarian cancer, diabetes in adults and children, cystitis, nephritis, scarring, pre-and post-treatment in dentistry.

Allergies, especially food, a violation of sleep, all kinds of toxic effects, including poisoning, predisposition to infections in children, sexual incompatibility of Rh-factor, epikondillit and much more.

The History of Bioresonance Therapy

For 3000 years it has been known in Chinese medicine that energy tracks direct the organs' activity, and that these activities are subject to rhythmical vibrations. In the meantime the existence of meridians and blockages in the meridians has been proven by means of nuclear medicine and other methods. Biorhythms have also been explored.

The study of BRFT itself began in 1923 work of Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch. While researching the growth and development of onion plants he found that something regulating the growth of the onion shoots could pass through quartz glass but not silicon glass. Not until 50 years later was the technology was developed that could prove that Gurwitsch's radiation was actually biological ultraviolet light emitted from the onions' DNA. It turns out onion sprouts influence each other by sending out light waves! Confirming Gurwitsch, in 1936 American astronomer and biologist, Gustav Stromberg, claimed that the structure and development of living beings are bound to "systems of not-material waves".

Through the use of a photo amplifier, Dr. Beetz at the Max Planck Institute was able to project the process onto a TV screen. In 1975 the German physicist Dr. F.A. Popp proved the existence of light emission (bio-photons) from living cells. The existence of bio-photons is also a theoretical result of the general quantum field theory of the physicist Burkhard Heim.

Popp also proved that DNA is a photo magazine and that the light emission from the cells is not a result of their propagation, but the biophotons' directing of the division of cells.

Before any chemical reaction at least one electron must be activated by a photon with a certain wavelength and enough energy. The biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Lehninger mentions in his textbook that some reactions in the living cell happen quite a lot faster than what corresponds to 37 temperature. The explanation seems to be that the body purposely directs chemical reactions by means of electromagnetic vibrations (biophotons).

Recent research (F.A. Popp and W. Ludwig) shows that the effect of homeopathic substances is due to their vibration patterns. Prof. Dr. Cyril W. Smith (University of Salford, England), Dr. R.S.V. Choy and Dr. J.A. Monro proved by means of provocation/naturalizing tests that allergic reactions can be neutralized by means of electromagnetic vibrations with a certain frequency.

In Electro-Acupuncture Diagnostics according to Dr. Voll (EAV), the vibrations of substances are given to the patient via cables, and the effect is found by means of electro-acupuncture measurements. The research of Smith, Choy and Monro also explains the results of the allergy treatment. By means of BRFT, the characteristic own vibrations (electron plasma vibrations) from an allergen can be absorbed, be electronically inverted and given back strengthened to the body. The allergy symptoms may disappear within minutes - during the treatment. Experience also shows that deposited damaging waste material and metabolic waste products are mobilized and released easier as the inverted (electron plasma) vibrations from these substances are given to the body. In France test animals excreted several stored heavy metals after they received minimal doses of the same substances.

Dr. Franz Morell and his son-in-law, Erich Rasche, developed the first machine that utilized these findings. Their machine was able to "read" the system of biological light and either amplify or cancel its various relief frequencies. Through manipulation of these frequencies healthful balance was achieved. BRFT and the theoretical understanding that supports its application were developed from this technology. Current research in both the United States and Europe is exploring further applications of this amazing technology.



Every material is made up of atoms, whether it is a virus or bacteria or a human being. In turn atoms are made up of subatomic particles. Physicists discovered that subatomic particles behave like energy and radiate energy into their surroundings in specific patterns, called waves. Researchers have been able to analyze the distinct wave patterns, or oscillations, of normally-functioning body systems and organs as well as the oscillations of allergens, viruses, bacteria, and toxins (for example, mercury). This is not science fiction; you may already be familiar with heart currents measured by electrocardiography (ECG) and brain vibrations measured by electroencephalography (EEG). Imaging studies using MRI are based on magnetic resonance patterns.

If there is faulty nutrition, stress, toxins or negative emotions, the bodys healthy oscillations become imbalanced or weak. A body without its own health sustaining oscillation, no longer withstands viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and metals, etc. that are normally present and have their own vibrations. Not only do they act as dangerous substances in the body, but by the special vibrations that radiate from them become energetic stressors. What is apparent to those of us who work both with biochemistry and with energetics, regulation and control is dominated by energetics rather than biochemistry. Metabolic processes, hormone production, growth and regenerating processes are controlled and coordinated in this way.

If your controlling processes are influenced by the unhealthful vibrations, biochemical and metabolic misdirection and malfunction occurs that result in dysfunction and disease. It was Dr. Franz Morell's idea to erase these disturbed vibrations, or at least to weaken them to give the diseased organism a possibility to regenerate.

Morell was correct in his therapeutic approach. These waves of energy interact and can either add or subtract energy from each other. Research in Europe over the past several decades shows that the electromagnetic profile of harmful substances can be canceled out by sending the opposite oscillations into the body. Manipulating the wave patterns into precise patterns to negate or strengthen the electromagnetic profile of a particular person is the basis for BioResonance Feedback Technique (BFRT), which has been in used in Europe for over 23 years on humans and animals with great success. In fact, this healing modality has become the number one holistic tool in Germany.

To review this concept again, it is known that the human body is an electromagnetic field that can transmit and receive electromagnetic oscillations. You can not see it or feel it. Just like you emit heat that you can not see. The human body emits different oscillations: cells, tissues and organs each have their specific oscillations. These oscillations together form your total oscillation spectrum. The energy patterns of the body can also be altered by illness, infection, toxins, or radiation. When you are sick, the oscillation of foreign substances like toxic metals, dental amalgams, bacteria and pesticides that are stored in your body can interfere with your oscillation image. Sick organs do not oscillate harmoniously. It is possible to determine if other substances or longstanding illnesses are stressing your body. Disharmonious oscillations can be diminished or even eliminated by their inversion. Healthful oscillations can be amplified for healing.

BioResonance Feedback Technique ("BRFT") uses technology that detects and reads the ultra fine electromagnetic oscillations produced by every molecule, cell, organ, gland and system of your body. The BRFT machine reads the distorted frequencies associated with illness and through biological filter, separates the pathological frequencies from the body's natural frequencies.

The BRFT technology includes an "inversion circuit" that produces the mirror image of the pathological oscillation, thereby canceling out the electromagnetic oscillation of the pathogen rendering it inert. The frequency patterns through BRFT resonate with the molecular, pathological frequency patterns contained in H2O cluster structures. This leads to a decoupling of the hydrogen bonds in the cluster structures. As a result, the molecular interference oscillation stored in the clusters loses its previously stable configuration and oscillation intensity. It is similar to passing a strong demagnetizer over magnets stuck to the door of your refrigerator - they simply fall off. What is seen in clinical practice it that toxins are set free and released into the circulation where they have to be eliminated through the urine, stools, skin and through breathing. That is why drinking plenty of water is so important for at least 1 week following treatment.

In addition, natural healthful physiological oscillation patterns can be amplified or strengthened to optimal levels. The ability of the body to regulate and heal itself is therefore re-activated and stabilized. The goal of BRFT is to reduce or eliminate the pathological vibrations and at the same time strengthen the physiological ones. Again the effects of BRFT have scientific confirmation. Pulsating magnetic fields have been used for medical purposes listed as follows:

better circulation, therefore better nutrient supply

improved oxygen supply in tissues and cells

removal of blockages

stimulation for the cellular metabolism as well as breakdown of metabolic wastes

improvement in cellular energy

mobilization of resistance energies

acceleration of healing processes

activation of lymph streams

activation of the immune system

Instruments with pulsating magnetic fields are designed differently as regular impulse forms and magnetic field strengths. (BRFT uses micro-impulses).


Limitations to Bioresonance Therapy

Nearly every illness reveals a disharmonious oscillation. This is why BRFT can be used in nearly every illness and there are practically no contra-indications. There have been successes even in the most difficult diseases. Although BRFT has an unusually broad spectrum of applications but like all therapies, it has its limitations:

Pathologic final stages, for instance if the tissue is completely destructed it is probably impossible to regenerate, even with BRFT.

Deprivation of essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, enzymes, etc. impede the success of any therapy. BRFT requires the inherent support of tissue to resonance sufficiently.

A patient who does not want to become healthy can negate BRFT.

Painkillers, stimulants and alcohol 12 hours before and for 24 hours after BRFT interfere with the neuropathways involved with BRFT. Some examples in this category include aspirin, Tylenol, and other painkillers (anti-inflammatories like Vioxx, Celebrex, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Vicodin, Codeine, etc), alcohol, coffee, tea or other caffeine products may scramble and nullify the therapeutic electromagnetic signal. Some pain medications dull the nervous system and therefore interrupt the BRFT signals. If Ritalin, Dexedrine, Concerta, Adderall, Sudafed, Ephedra, and caffeine in coffee, chocolate and tea agitate the nervous system creating an incoherent base grid that interrupts the subtle BRFT signal.

Practical aspects of BRFT

BRFT receives your vibrations through a cable (in the same way as by ECG or EEG) attached to an electrode. Within the device a biological filter separates the healthy (harmonious) vibrations from the unhealthy (disharmonious) ones. The healthy (harmonious) vibrations are given back strengthened or weakened. The unhealthy (disharmonious) ones are electronically inverted and sent back. The opposite vibrations created in this way weaken the unhealthy vibrations in the body and negate them.

The actual settings are a combination of pre-programmed frequencies and a pattern chosen by the BRFT operator. You may feel nothing, or on the other hand you may get a sensation of tingling somewhere in the body, heat, or just a feeling of relaxation. Old inflammation sites that have not been healed out (e.g. teeth or scars) may feel more noticeable. Tell the staff member performing BRFT what you notice.

The BRFT Session

During BRFT your body does not get any electricity. The electrode and mats only serve as antennae. Only your own vibrations are used for the self-regulation. Nothing foreign is given to you from the device itself. However, certain substances (allergens, medications, supplements, etc,) may be filtered into the BRFT in order to test or naturalize or neutralize disturbing signals in your body. The use of a bodily fluid like saliva, urine, blood, or feces may provide the material to filter your specific pathogen.

The specific harmful material in your body needs to be expelled as quickly as possible after BRFT. This is achieved most commonly through your kidneys. Also complete bowels evacuation can also be important. After the therapy drink several extra glasses of purified water daily to dilute and wash out the material released through BRFT. It is also recommended to take a shower using a Rainshower Water filter to help rinse off waste material released through your skin.

BRFT sessions are scheduled for 45-60 minutes.

BRFT may need to be repeated several times. A single treatment can consist of one or more therapy steps. This depends upon your state of health. BRFT does not replace your cooperation in the healing process. The life style that has made you sick has to be changed by you.


Physical Reactions to Bioresonance Therapy

BioResonance Feedback Therapy is painless. To date, no harmful side effects of BRFT have been observed. Nevertheless, during or after BRFT, a reaction might occur even coincidentally which should be noted so that they can be interpreted. Some of the following initial reactions have been reported:

Initial reactions can manifest as nausea, skin rashes, etc. if you have accumulated a large amount of toxins and BRFT enables the detoxification and excretion of toxins. The more your elimination organs are stressed, the stronger are the initial reactions. To assist in detoxification and elimination, drink a lot of distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Overflowing reactions can occur if you are highly stressed, for example by geopathic stress. It can then sometimes happen that a treatment has a very intensive effect.

Healing reactions usually are expressed as general symptoms of relaxation feeling, tiredness, sleepiness, warmth or coolness, moist skin, perspiration, fever, red flushed skin, slight pains, inner uneasiness or possibly speeding of the pulse. These symptoms are also described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a part of a response to treatment. They are considered a consequence of the physical "digestion" of the healing impulses and are temporary.

Activation of chronic illnesses is part of the healing that occurs because a weakened defense system has to be first reinforced in order to actively overcome the illness. Only then is the chronic illness "activated" and enabled to resolve.

Actualization of earlier illnesses that have not healed properly. If an illness has been treated successfully by BRFT, a "new" form of illness sometimes follows. While this may make it seem that the initial treatment was not successful, in actuality because of a healthier defense situation has been created, other conditions that had not healed properly before create a new healing response.



Electrostimulating reflexology


Mechanisms of therapeutic action

Indications for use

Contraindications to

Methods electroacupuncture

Methods corporal electroacupuncture

Methods auricular elektroanalgezii


Varieties of reflexology, where the impact on the acupuncture points by an electric current, were called electroacupuncture and electroacupuncture. These methods have found reflexology particularly prevalent in the successful application for the treatment of pain syndromes of different genesis.

Mechanisms of therapeutic action

Electrical stimulation of reflex involves primarily the possibility of exposure to information regulatory processes in the body, because electric current can be regarded as a physiologically appropriate stimulus of neural structures.

Detailed study of neurophysiological and neurohumoral mechanisms electrostimulating analgesia, which is based on the activation of endogenous pain control mechanisms (Kalyuzhny LV, 1984; Limanskii YP, 1986; Melzak R., Wall PD, 1965; Fields HL, Levine JD, 1984; Bowsher D., 1988). It is assumed that pain relief occurs because of activation of presynaptic inhibition of primary nociceptive afferents at the level of posterior horn of the spinal cord, as well as postsynaptic inhibition of central nociceptive relay neurons, which occurs in the leading role belongs to neurohumoral factors, including enkefalinovuyu endorphin and opioid systems, serotonergic and adrenergic mechanisms of brainstem brain (Melzak R., Vetere P., Finch L., 1983; O'Brien WJ, Rulan FM, Sanborn C. et al., 1984; Casale R., et al., 1985; Pascal A., 1988).

Electrostimulating reflexology can affect one side of opiatergicheskuyu endogenous antinociceptive system, but on the other - on the specific afferent ( "gate-control"), and for optimum effect in the first scenario requires intense stimuli of low frequency, excite high threshold unmyelinated fiber afferents and central neurons opiatergicheskoy system, and the second - high-frequency stimulus of low intensity, since the A-alpha and A-beta fibers have a low threshold of excitability and high functional lability (Kalyuzhny LV, 1984; Limanskii YP, 1986; Melzak R., Wall PD, 1965; Fields HL, Levine JD, 1984; Hoffert M., 1986; Yaksh TL, 1987; Bowsher D., 1988).

Specific features of analgesic effect by using high-frequency modes (80-150 Hz) and low-frequency (5-10 Hz) stimulation. Thus, when high-frequency mode of stimulation analgesic effect occurs rapidly, within 5-10 minutes after the impact, but is relatively unstable and almost completely regressed after 30-60 minutes after stimulation, whereas in the low-frequency mode, analgesia develops slowly over 45-60 minutes after the start of exposure, is persistent and often lasts for 3-5 hours (Yakupov RA, 1991; Melzak R., Vetere P., Finch L., 1983; Lehmaan Th.K., et al., 1986 ).


Indications for use

Electroacupuncture and Electroacupuncture appointed according to the testimony of other methods of reflexology. The greatest effect is achieved in the treatment of pain syndromes of different genesis. Electroacupuncture as a method of noninvasive impact particularly shown in pediatric practice.


Contraindications to

neoplasms, regardless of the location and nature;

malignant blood diseases;

cardiovascular pathology;

diseases of organs and systems in the stage of decompensation;


children under the age of 10 years;

in individuals older than 60 years.


WARNING! Conducting corporal electroacupuncture and auricular elektroanalgezii often accompanied by the development of side effects from an overdose of stimulation, such as fluctuation of blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, etc. Therefore, its use is absolutely contraindicated in individuals with cardiovascular and autonomic-vascular pathology, as well as elderly patients.



Methods electroacupuncture

Appointed by electroacupuncture in pain syndromes of different genesis, as well as the method of choice instead of acupuncture. Points of impact are selected based on the principles of local-segmental approach or the provisions of the meridian theory.

During the procedure the patient is in a prone position. Intended for the impact zone are stimulated simultaneously or sequentially. To conduct electroacupuncture using plate electrodes or the search probe. To increase the electrical conductivity under the electrode enclose cotton wool soaked in isotonic sodium chloride. In conducting microelectrophoresis cotton wool moistened in a solution of the required composition.

Electroacupuncture DC (on FG Portnov):

exposure time for unidirectional polarity is restricted for 3-5 minutes (otherwise, may come electrocoagulation underlying tissue);

current strength was chosen taking into account the localization of the acupuncture points


Field of stimulation current intensity

back, the lumbar-sacral region, lower limb 250-300 uA

abdomen, chest 75-150 uA

arms, shoulder girdle 50-100 uA

face, pinna 20-50 uA


Major options impact

Option Polarity Time Microelectrophoresis

brake positive 30-120 with 5% p-rum novocaine

excitatory negative 30-120 with 1% p-rum caffeine


For a session on average, 4.8 points; points are stimulated simultaneously or sequentially; 6.10 for a course of sessions, repeat the course in 3-5 weeks.


Methods corporal electroacupuncture

Electroacupuncture most often used as a means of symptomatic relief of pain syndromes of different genesis. Zones of influence are selected based on the principles of local-segmental approach. Apply two groups of points:

Local: respectively hearth nociceptive impulses - in the session 1.2 points;

segmental: 2.3, respectively, related neyrometameram innervating the lesion focus and area of distribution of pain - on the session 1.3 points.

Mode high-frequency stimulation is used for acute pain syndromes in order to obtain rapid symptomatic effect during the treatment session - the frequency of 150 Hz, current strength is dosed in the feeling of vibration, a light tingling, the procedure used simultaneously or sequentially, 2.4 points, duration of exposure of 15-20 minutes .

The regime of low-frequency stimulation of the most frequently used in vertebrogen pain syndromes - the frequency of 5 Hz, current strength is dosed in the feeling of pain, the procedure used simultaneously or sequentially, 1.2 points, duration of exposure to 30-40 minutes.

During the treatment the patient is in a prone position. Active electrode is introduced into the tissue acupuncture needle.

During the conversation, perhaps the development of adaptation, which is undesirable in the case of electropunctural analgesia. Therefore, the current strength is recommended to increase the weakening of sensations. However, quite often the patient can not feel the electrical stimulation of the active electrode located in the area of high resistance. The same applies to the stimulation of local points of impaired sensitivity.

Corporal electroacupuncture applied usually within the first 3-5 sessions of the course reflexology to relieve pain expressed manifestations.


Methods auricular elektroanalgezii

Auricular elektroanalgeziya is an effective means of symptomatic relief of pain syndromes of different genesis and localization. All 3 groups of auricular points on the side of pain:

systemic analgesic effect: 25, 26a, 34, 55, 82 - for the session 1.3 points;

segmental: 37, 38, 39, 40 - on the session 1.2 points;

Local: respectively hearth nociceptive impulses and the zone of pain - on the session 1.3 points.

We recommend a high-frequency stimulation of the regime - the frequency of 150 Hz, current strength is dosed in the feeling of mild pain during the procedure, successively, under the supervision of the patient, apply 3.8 points from gr.1 and ending gr.3, duration of exposure at a point 30 -- 180 seconds.

Apply electropunctural or electro-stimulation. In the case of the latter tend to have a more pronounced effect, but increases the risk of side effects.

Example: Acute traumatic pain in the right foot and ankle. AT on the right ear: 34, 55, 83, 38, 46-toe, heel 47, 48, an ankle joint, the regime of high-frequency, electric through the probe, 60 seconds on the dot.

Auricular elektroanalgeziyu usually applied during the first 1-3 sessions of reflexology to relieve the course marked pain symptoms.





Electromyostimulation, or irritation of the neuro-muscular system with metered electric pulses, long used to train the muscles to improve their motor and morphological characteristics, with reduced tone and atrophy of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, disrupting the vascular tone, it is shown in the case of sluggish, aging skin.

The impetus for the development of this trend in medicine is the need to prevent muscle atrophy in astronauts during flights in conditions of weightlessness.

Electromyostimulation has various impacts on both surface and the deep tissues of the face and neck, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, toning elastic fibers. Electromyostimulation included in the cosmetic range for the prevention of age-related changes and the fight against wrinkles for all skin types.

Now electromyostimulation in different variants are widely used for electrical stimulation of the heart, respiratory, bladder, and a variety of neuro-muscular structures. In particular, in sports medicine electromyostimulation as more passive training method gives excellent results: the power of various muscle groups is increased by 7-54%, the quality of their performance by 20-30%, etc. However, for electromyostimulation need some skills. False chosen mode of stimulation may cause the effects of abnormal muscle contraction.

Electromyostimulation process is carried out using a special generator of electrical signals and electrodes placed upon the muscle.


Types of Muscle Stimulation

Existing now electromyostimulation can be divided into two types: professional and for personal use.

Electromyostimulation by professionals can simultaneously stimulate multiple muscle groups. They have special controls that allow to specify the duration and force of contractions of each muscle. electromyostimulation for individual use, usually calculated on the stimulation in one step only one group of muscles, and regulate them can only output pulses. With access to the set of individual electromyostimulation for skeletal muscles, bust, face and hair of the head, you can create a home beauty salon and "visit" him at any convenient time.

When choosing electromyostimulation need to pay attention to the following:

choice of signal power, sufficient for stimulation of muscles;

absence of skin irritation under the electrodes;

absence of pain during the procedure.


By the way, neglect of domestic producers electromyostimulation the last parameter has led to our cosmetology uses mainly imported vehicles.

The system of "training" with electromyostimulation goes like this: the corresponding group of muscles impose electrodes and gradually increase the power of the pulse, causing a visible muscle contraction. Then the power is brought to the level of pain threshold and the emergence of feelings of comfort. As the pulse train output can be increased, because there is a gradual habituation to the nature of impacts, and on the fourth or fifth power of the procedure can be reduced to the maximum. The need to work with a maximum output signal due to the fact that the momentum of penetrating deeper into the muscle, lose power, therefore, reduces the intensity of muscle contraction.

Length of procedure the stimulation of one muscle group usually does not exceed 15-20 minutes. The course consists of 20-25 procedures.

Effectiveness electromyostimulation

Losing weight with electromyostimulation in cosmetology is not the main objective. However, in the course of treatment is observed not only improve muscle tone, but also the burning of fat as a result of the sharp (ten times) increase energy metabolism. An important role is played by a local temperature rise as a result of intensive work the muscles, which contributes to the decomposition of fat. Electric shock therapy is good because it provides a slimming effect is problematic areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks).

Vellessky Research Institute of Health, sports and food in the city of Munster held clinical trials of the device for electrical therapy Ultratone-20 "firms ULTRATONE. The experts assessed the results as very good.

The experiment involved two groups of 22 persons. In each group there were 15 procedures for 40-50 minutes, but the second group of procedures combined with athletic exercises and balanced diet. As a result, in the first group there was a decrease in average weight of 3.4 kg, while the second - by 6,2 kg.

By the way, the use electromyostimulation in obese people with excess weight 20-30 kg is ineffective, because the fatty layer damps the energy pulses. For these patients, the number of procedures increased by several times and combined with special means for weight loss, including diet.

One of the main effects electromyostimulation - is increasing blood circulation in the stimulated muscle (according to some studies, 50-90%). At the same time intensifying lymph, delivery of nutrients to the muscle, their uptake and excretion of unoxidized products. Intensified and biochemical processes in muscle. Increases the activity of enzymes, enhanced oxidative processes and the transformation of muscle glycogen. But most importantly, in the muscles at the same time does not accumulate lactic acid, causing the characteristic pain after exercise. And if it accumulates, it is only under very intensive loads.

As with any medical technique, electromyostimulation has its contraindications, although their range is very limited and ever shrinking.


It is unacceptable to use electromyostimulation at:

presence of implanted pacemaker;

presence of metal implants (hip joints, pins, etc.), except for dental and gynecological implants;

expressed by mental disorders.


In some cases you can apply electromyostimulation only in consultation with a physician. For example, during pregnancy, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases.

Unlike muscles, facial muscles of the face are "calm" way of life. Unfortunately, this "peace of mind" leads to more rapid their atrophy and in general - to more premature aging. Suspend these sad processes can miolifting - method of electrical stimulation of the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté. It has proven effective and can rejuvenate a person by 7-10 years.

It should be said that the treatment of facial muscles requires more professionalism than the stimulation of skeletal muscles, and compulsory basic knowledge of the anatomy. A slight intensity of the stimulating signal can work with only one muscle, so the procedure is carried out incorrectly can lead to negative results. For example, properly stimulated muscle, lowered the angle of the mouth, can distort the face and create a "dejected way. Electromyostimulation face used for smoothing wrinkles. Usually one of the electrodes is set at the beginning of lines, the other slowly glides along the entire length. Quite a laborious process, since every wrinkle should be processed for 2-3 minutes, but gives an excellent result.

In addition, electromyostimulation escorted and other factors: improvement of microcirculation, lymph drainage, supply tissues with oxygen and nutrients.

The main thing - after the course electromyostimulation repeat the processing of face and body 1-2 times a week.



Laser puncture and laseroakupunktura


Effects on acupuncture points with laser radiation through the intact skin is called laser puncture, and the depth of the stimulation points through a hollow needle, which entered the optical fiber conducting the laser radiation, - lazeroakupunktury.

Source of laser radiation are lasers. For laser puncture are most common for low-power lasers generating radiation in the red or infrared part of the spectrum.

The influence of laser radiation on enzyme systems of the body: increased activity of aldolase, cholinesterase, transaminases and other enzyme systems in the irradiated tissues (IY Shahtmeyster et al., 1973); phosphorylating activity and energizing mitochondria (SM Zubkov, 1978; TA Adzhimalaev et al., 1979); increasing the intensity of glycolysis in the tissues (A. Frost, 1980). Irradiation significantly increased Peroxidase activity of catalase, resulting in peroxide compounds involved in oxidative phosphorylation (SM Zubkov, 1978). Catalase activates enzymes decomposing cytotoxic agents (hydro and lipoperekisi), which explains the efficiency of laser radiation in many diseases. E.D. Devyatkov et al (1987) believe that the laser irradiated cells release specific substances that promote cell division, formation of cell colonies, regeneration of liver cells of the operated animals.

Laser light, according to these authors, increases the synthesis of RNA (in the cortex, the brain of irradiated rats RNA content increased compared with that of control animals by 60%)

VN Golubev et al (1983) in an experiment with irradiation of the cortex of the brain helium-neon laser noticed an increase in electrical conductivity of brain tissue that is associated with the action on the membrane of nerve cells and release of ions in the extracellular space. There is information on the effect of laser radiation on the exchange of cyclic nucleotides and changes in connection with the phase state of lipids in the membranes of nerve cells, which can lead to an increase in the activity of adenylyl cyclase and guanylate cyclase and, consequently, an increase of cAMP and cGMP formation. The latter, as we know, are universal regulators of intracellular (H, A, Fedorov, 1979).

One of the most important features of the laser radiation nepovrezhdayuschey the intensity is the stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems (JF Gamaleya et al., 1988). This increases the intensity of division and increased functional activity of lymphocytes, leukocytes, increased protein content in the blood, changing levels of catecholamines, serotonin and other biologically active substances.

Summarizing the literature data and own experience, there are three basic concepts of the mechanism of laser action: the theory of absorption, neyroreflektornuyu theory and the theory of resonant wave field.

The theory of absorption implies the "assimilation" of small doses of laser radiation, which stimulates the biological systems of the body, including increased activity of the enzyme catalase, acting as a scavenger of laser radiation. Small doses of laser radiation have a stimulating effect on the redox processes. Absorption of laser energy by different tissues varies, and therefore have a selective effect on the tissue with greater absorptive capacity.

Neyroreflektornaya theory is based on facts that monochromatic radiation of red and infrared activates the receptor apparatus of the skin, underlying tissue and starts the reflex responses or contribute to their launch at the different levels of the nervous system.

The essence of the resonance theory is reduced to match fluctuations of electromagnetic waves of body tissues, and laser radiation. If there is a resonance enhancement of biological reactions.

Apparatus for laser therapy on the ability of primary and secondary (reflected) radiation can not cause biologically significant damage to eyes and skin, and belong to the class safe. Their output power range from 0,5 to 15 mW. However, in the process of laser puncture need to know and comply strictly with all safety rules when working with laser units.

Laser stimulation is carried out both in continuous and in pulsed radiation. The therapeutic effect is provided at a unit dose of 0.5 to 2 J/cm2. In each case the dose is strictly individualized. For example, to achieve the same effect on the lighter skin need to increase the dose, at the dark - to decrease. May not affect the pigment spots, nevi, angiomas due to the high bio-stimulating effect of laser therapy. Bio-stimulating effect (neuritis, neuropathy, paresis) appropriately to achieve intermittent radiation with a frequency modulation of 2-10 Hz at a power density.

In case of overdose in some patients after 4-5 h after the session may see weakness, drowsiness, dizziness, and sometimes increased the pain syndrome. Most adverse reactions occur with stimulation of auricular points. These effects usually disappear after a one-day break or reduce the dosage.

Laser therapy is widely used especially in diseases, based on a violation of neurovascular trophics (neurogenic and vascular diseases, inflammation, metabolic disorders such as arthritis, etc.).

The main indications for use lazerorefleksoterapii in neurology are peripheral nervous system diseases, including neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis (radicular syndrome, reflex neurodystrophic violation), mononevrit, polyneuropathy. In appointing the laser is taken into account that a monochromatic coherent beam has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, vasodilator, sedative, stimulating metabolic and regenerative processes of action.