Rules of Enrollment and description of educational process.


Admission Procedure.




1.                 The reception of documents for foreign citizens  is carried  out by a corporation International Career Consulting, Inc. (ICC) from June, 29 till July, 29 (inclusive),  2009. At presence of vacant places a Admission Commission can declare the additional reception of documents until September, 30.


2.                 Application Pack:


·        Signed agreement.

·        Application form, indicating the chosen speciality.

·        Diploma of the trained nurse and present high (secondary) school certificates (original or verified copy).

·        Document about handing over of examination of NCLEX (original or verified copy).

·        8 photos (3x4 cm);

·        Health certificate.

·        Copy of passport.

·        Copy of birth certificate.


3.                 A university entrant signs an agreement with University, deposits payment (ICC) for the first semester of study, gets registration on a University Web-site and gets a login and password for educational process.



Enrolment  interview.


1.                 For the competitive selection of University entrants  interview is foreseen in the mode of On-Line in the system of “Skype”.


2.                 The Admission Commission on a concordance with a University entrant makes an appointment of interview and informs by E-mail two weeks prior to a date of the interview.


3.                 The enrolment of University entrants is conducted by the Admission Commission order on results of interview. Information about the enrolment of University entrant will be sent by E-mail.





Educational process


1.            An educational process is conducted in obedience to the curriculum of the University placed on a portal. Duration of studies is 2 years (4 semesters).


2.            Connection of teachers with a student is provided via the web-connections on the portal of University by two basic methods: the first method is an exchange of information through e-mail boxes; the second method is connection over the Internet in the system of “Skype”.


3.            The personal electronic mailbox will be opened for every student on the Web-portal of University and the personal password and login will be given out.  Through the e-mail a teacher will communicate with a student, and a student will be able to send his own information to the box of a teacher.


4.            A student should download the program “Skype” and set a Web-camera for the purpose of personal communication with teachers.


5.            Control of quality of preparation of students is conducted via multiple-choice tests  on intermediate and final sessions.


6.            Cycles of practical performance, which are planned in the Curriculum after the first year of study   „Nursing practice (3 weeks)”, and after the second year – „Nursing final diploma practice (6 weeks)” will be conducted at the place of student’s work.


7.            All marks and evaluations received by a student during an educational process will be added and kept in the electronic base of University „Ęontynhent (Contingent)”, and also in educational journals in University departments.


8.            On successful completion of full educational course a student gets a diploma and appendix to it in accordance to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Payment for study.


1.                 Payment for study is carried out at the beginning of every semester through a company ICC.