Programs BSN MSN

Admission has been opened for 2012-2013

Application deadlines: February, 2; November, 15
Academic year (2 semesters): Jaunary, 15 - December, 30;       
September, 1 - June, 30
Duration of the program:
•RN to BSN program: 2 years
•MSN program: 2 years

Admission Procedure

1. Persons wishing to apply into the distant program can download the Application Form on University web-site and email us the filled form along with the  copies of passport, ADN/BSN Diploma and RN license to International Students Office -
2. After evaluation of received documents and credentials the online interview will be given.
3. After successful passing of interview applicant will be asked to send the Application Pack to the International Students Office, which includes:
- copy of passport;
- ADN/BSN Diploma with transcripts (original or notarized copy);
- RN license;
- birth certificate (original or notarized copy);
- health certificate;
- HIV-negative test certificate;
- 8 photos (3x4 cm)
The admission procedure will be completed after you sign an agreement with the University and pay your tuition fee for the 1st year of studies.

Our Contacts:
Maydan Voli, 1
Ternopil, 46001
Tel./Fax.: +380352253998

Our representative in USA:
International Career Cousulting, lnc.

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