Programme of

2ND Ukraine International Christian

Young Medical Professionals conference

29-30 October 2011, Ternopil City



Friday, October 28


Arrival of participants and their registration

18:00 21:30 - Pre-Conference Prayer Summit (Venue: Kalyna Complex)


Saturday, October 29


7:30 8:15 - Breakfast at Zarvanytsya - group A - 200 participants (bus for Kalyna leaves at 8:30)

8:30 9:15 - Breakfast at Kalyna - group B - 100 participants (another 100 or so come from town)


9:30 10:40 - Opening Ceremony

10:40 11:30 - General session 1

11:30 11:50 Coffee break

11:50 13:30 - General session 2


13:30 14:15 - Lunch - group A - 200 participants

14:15 15:00 - Lunch - group B - 200 participants


15:00 15:50 - Master class series 1

16:00 16:50 - Master class series 2

17:00 17:50 - Master class series 3


18:00 18:30 - General group photography (Led by Ass. Prof. Salayda Ihor, TSMU)

18:30 19:15 - Dinner - group A - 200 participants

19:15 20:00 - Dinner - group B - 200 participants


20:00 21:00 - Evening Program



Sunday, October 30


7:30 8:15 - Breakfast at Zarvanytsya - group A - 200 participants (bus for Kalyna leaves at 8:30)

8:30 9:15 - Breakfast at Kalyna - group B - 200 participants (another 100 or so come from town)


9:30 10:15 - Worship

10:20 11:40 - General session 3

11:40 12:00 - Coffee break

12:00 13:20 - General session 4


13:30 14:30 - Lunch for all (furshet)

14:40 15:30 - Master class series 3

15:45-17:00 - Closing Ceremony/Sharing of Certificates

Monday, October 31


To be continued

Meeting with Rector

-          Roundtable on medical education

-          Roundtable on practical medicine

-          Tove and June meeting with Director of Nursing Ternopil University

-          Prime meeting with Ivano-Frankivs'k, Bukovinian (Chernivtsi) and Odesa State Medical University Rectors /Vice Rectors

-          Post-conference Press release


Tuesday, November 1

  - Speakers meeting Christian student leaders.




2ND Ukraine International Christian Young Medical Professionals conference

29-30 October 2011, Ternopil City

Venue: Ternopil State Medical University Congress Hall

The aims of the conference: 
1. Promote the establishment of professional relationships and the professional growth of Christians in the health field. 
2. Provide through lectures and seminars on theoretical and practical knowledge of current issues in medicine with the application of Christian principles. 
3. Learn from domestic and foreign health professionals (Academic exposure). 
4. Health Professionals (Medical doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, Laboratory Technologists, etc) motivate students, Lecturers and Practitioners. 
5. Support the young professionals in their spiritual and career development.


Opening Ceremony:








Opening Prayer

Pastor Volodymyr



Welcome Address

Mayor(City Council)



Welcome Address





Rev. Dr. Martin Chomiw (Catholic Priest-UK/Ukraine)



Musical Interlude

Inesa Spasyuk



Purpose of Gathering

Alexander Doroshenko President(CMA-Ukraine)



Introduction of Speakers

Master of Ceremony (W. Lamptey)



Introduction of Partners/Organizations

William Lamptey



Musical Interlude

Inesa Spasyuk/John











Introduction of Participating cities/countries




M.C. (W. Lamptey)








Closing remarks and prayer.

Rev. Dr. Martin Chomiw (Catholic Priest-UK/Ukraine)



Total Time for Opening Ceremony: 1 hour 7minutes


Official Translator: Ass. Prof. Yuriy Deremenda, MBA, MA (TSMU)







Date: 29/10/2011

Lecture number





10:42-10:55 am

Xenodermograft an Invention that is saving lives.

Elenga Gift

(Ternopil Student)


10:55-11:27 am

The scientific evidence for the role of faith in the health of patients.


Dr. Jim Peipon (USA)


11:27-11:59 am

How to target the truth.

Prof. Wayne Vanderwier(USA)



11:59-12:04 pm

Musical interlude/Medical joke



12:04-12:17 pm

Efficiency of Mexicor in treatment of patient with hypertensive disease and chronic kidney disorders.

James Okafor



(Sumy Student)


12:17-12:49 pm

Compassion (Therapeutic Relationships).

Dr. John Geater (England)


12:49-1:10 pm

Reports and testimonies from various Universities.

5 Universities


1:10-1:14 pm

Closing prayers

Prof. Tove Giske (Norway).


Total Time for three lectures: 2 hours 28 minutes.

M.Cs. : Alexander Kreschenko (Odessa) and Taras Skrynnyk (Ivano-Frankivs'k).

Lunch Break: 1:20-2:20 pm.

Topics for 2:40  3:40 pm-master class 1

Room No.

No. of participants in a room





90(half of Main Hall)

Breaking bad news and answering difficult questions about end of life for the patient.

J Martin Leiper (Prime-Scotland)


60 (Mini conference Hall)

Motivation: Why bother? A study of motivation in learning, advising patients about change and personal development.

Ros Simpson ( Prime-International, England )


50 (Green Hall)

Diagnosis and Treatment of prostate cancer using a real patient. This will give a live illustration of the seven level model in action to which the students would be expected to contribute

David Chaput de Saintonge(Prime-International, England)


25 (Fireplace Hall)

Prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

June Johnson



20 (class room)

How to work under pressure as todays Doctor? How to handle an angry patient? (Stress management).

John Geater (Prime-International, UK).


20 (Hotel-Ground Floor Hall)

Oral hygiene and its complications with emphasis on contemporary culture.

Klara Kisgeci Dudas (Serbia)


30 (Hotel-Second Floor Hall)

Medicine, a Global Perspective (This will be an overview and discussion of major threats to the worlds health).

Sharon Kuhn (MTW-USA )


20 (Hostel-Ground floor Hall)

The Christian doctor and disaster relief: responding to disasters, namely, my experiences in Haiti over the last year and a half.

Wiley Smith(MTW-USA)


30 (Hostel-Second floor Hall)

Dental treatment in the terminal phase of life (also interesting for nursing students).

Lena Löbakk (Prime-Norway) and Marina(Moldova)


15 (House #1 Hall)

How to use an Otoscope and diagnosis of ear infections in children.

Jim Peipon (UMO-USA/Ukraine)


15(House #2 Hall)

How health systems function (differences, approaches, etc) in the world (Overview of Health Economics/Administration and its application in modern medicine).


Rostyslav Semikov (Oxford/Ukraine)


15 (House #3 Hall)

Morphological basis of circulatory system disorders

Olexandra Andriyshyn (Ukraine)


90(Half of Main Hall)

HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Prevention with emphasis on prevention of stigma.

Gil H Odendaal (Global HIV/AIDS Initiative-USA)


Topics for 3:45  4:45 pm-master class 2


Room No.

No. of participants in a room





90(half of Main Hall

How to approach xenophobia and immigrations problems

Yevgen Shatalov, Denis Gorankov and Brian Welch (IFES-Ukraine)


60 (Mini conference Hall)

Structuring Scientific Research article

Anita Verhoeven (Prime-Holland)


50 (Green Hall)

Nitric Oxide: Physiological Significance and Role in Human Diseases.

Mykhaylo Korda (Ukraine)


25 (Fireplace Hall)

Human Microbial Ecology

Serhiy Klymnyuk (Ukraine)


20 (class room)

What is Health?

Victoria Andes (USA)


20 (Hotel-Ground Floor Hall)

How to work under pressure as todays Doctor? How to handle an angry patient? (Stress management)

John Geater (Prime-International, UK)


30 (Hotel-Second Floor Hall

Antibiotics abuse. The rational use of Antibiotics.

Kateryna Posokhova (Ukraine)


20 (Hostel-Ground floor Hall)

Checking Spiritual Vital Signs

Jim Peipon (USA/Ukraine)


30 (Hostel-Second floor Hall)

How to organize HIV/AIDS programmes and construct funding request for future HIV/AIDS.

Gil Odendaal (Global HIV/AIDS Initiative-USA)


15 (House #1 Hall)

Pain management in palliative care. Practical aspects of palliative care (A Family Doctors view using case studies.)  

J Martin Leiper (Scotland)


15 (House #3 Hall)

Primary Care Medicine: the impact of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension and the like) and how primary care physicians can both affect the course of the diseases and build up spiritually beneficial relationships with patients

Wiley Smith (MTW-USA)


15 (House #3 Hall)

Battle fatigue: Healthcare staff on the front line, how to cope

David Chaput de Saintonge (Prime-International, England)


90(Half of Main Hall)

Global mental health problems.  Depression, skills for spot diagnosis and treatment of depressed patients.

Ros Simpson

(Prime-International, England)

Topics for 4:50  5:50 pm-master class 3


Room No.

No. of participants in a room





90(half of Main Hall)

A Christian Doctors Perspective on Chronic Illness ( I will detail some chronic diseases and how we as health professionals can help patients gain control and find hope even when physical pain and loss take their toll)

T. Jefferson Crane (USA / Ukraine)


60 (Mini conference Hall)

Structuring Scientific Research article

Anita Verhoeven (Prime-Holland)


50 (Green Hall)

Medicine, a Global Perspective (This will be an overview and discussion of major threats to the worlds health)

Sharon Kuhn (MTW-USA)


25 (Fireplace Hall)

Histophysiology of blood

Olexandra Andriyshyn (Ukraine)


20 (class room)

Patient-doctor relationships. One hour of Q and A  during the conference

Lena Löbakk (Norway)


20 (Hotel-Ground Floor Hall)

Care of a Colostomy patient

June Johnson



30 (Hotel-Second Floor Hall)

A practical on examination of the diabetic patient

Wily Smith(MTW-USA)


20 (Hostel-Ground floor Hall)

Pain management in palliative care

J Martin Leiper (Prime-Scotland)


30 (Hostel-Second floor Hall)

How to read and evaluate research article. Principles and practical application.

Tove Giske (NCFI-Norway)


15 (House #1 Hall)

New Advances in Determining the Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism (Do Vaccines Affect the Neuropsychology of Children, How Early Can Autism be Detected, New Genetic Diagnostic Tests for Autism and Effectiveness of Applied Behavioral Analysis in the Treatment of Autism).


Dr. Jim Peipon (USA)


15 (House #3 Hall)

Oral hygiene and its complications with emphasis on contemporary Culture.

Klara Kisgeci Dudas (Serbia)


15 (House #3 Hall)

: ". (The logic and psychology of medical errors: a view through the prism of personality structure of medical staff.)

Victor Biryukov (Russian language).


90(Half of Main Hall)

Life choices - what sort of doctor
will you be?"  This can be for up to 100 students at a time and will cover dualism, values based medicine and the patients view

John Geater (Prime-International, UK )



Total time for master classes: 3 hours 10 minutes.

Group photography by Asst. Prof. S. Ihor (TMSU): 5:55-7:00 pm

Supper: 7:15-8:15 pm


Evening Program (29/10/2011):


Event number

Time (pm)






Dr. Ros Simpson



Praises and Worship

Led by Godwin



Open House/Lecture/Students Interactions with speakers.


Led by Rostyslav (Bukovinian State Med. University) and Funom Makama.



CMF-UK Sharing with Students

Led by Liz McClenahan



Prayers for all Christian Medical Missionaries.

Led by Madam June Johnson



Closing Prayer

Dr. Smith

Total Time for Evening program: 1 hour 5 minutes.

Sunday (30/10/2011)

Part 1:

Item number





8:10-9:10 am




9:15-10:15 am


M.Cs. James Okafor (Sumy) and Daniel Selby (Kharkiv).


10:20-10:33 am

Prophylaxis in Pharmacy and Dentistry.

Elena Kamenova

(Ivano-Frankivs'k Student)


10:33-11:05 am

Seven Billion Patients and You.

Sharon Kuhn (MTW-USA)


11:05-11:10 am

Musical Interlude



11:10-11:23 am

The usuage of Thiopoetin (glutoxim) in the Complex Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.


Joseph Kwabena Ansong.

(Chenivtsi student)


11:23-11:55 am

Immigration and Xenophobia Problems.


Brian Welch (IFES-Ukraine)


11:55-12:05 pm

Coffee break



12:08-12:40 pm

Pedagogical Theories and Practices in Mobilizing Civil Society for Effective community Engagement in AIDS Control.


DR. Gil Odendaal (USA).


12:45-1:45 pm

Lunch break







Part 2: Master class4 day2 - 30th October, 2011

Topics: 2:003:00 pm

Room No.

No. of participants in a room





90(half of Main Hall)

Primary Care Medicine: the impact of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension and the like) and how primary care physicians can both affect the course of the diseases and build up spiritually beneficial relationships with patients.

Wiley Smith (MTW-USA)


60 (Mini conference Hall)

Life choices - what sort of doctor
will you be?"  This can be for up to 100 students at a time and will cover dualism, values based medicine and the patients view.

John Geater



50 (Green Hall

How to use an Otoscope and diagnosis of ear infections in children.

Jim Peipon



25 (Fireplace Hall

Global Women's health issues. Woman examination (preventive health care issues for women).

Sharon Kuhn



20 (class room)

Structuring scientific research articles.

Anita Verhoeven (Holland)


20 (Hotel-Ground Floor Hall)

Meaning, hope, and the will of life: Spiritual care, the heart of nursing. We will touch upon the art and science of spiritual care.

Tove Giske (Norway)


30 (Hotel-Second Floor Hall)

VB (Teaching children with ASD towards recovery).

Lena Lobek (Norway) and Marina(Moldova)


20 (Hostel-Ground floor Hall)

Pain management in palliative care. Practical aspects of palliative care (A Family Doctors view using case studies.)  

J Martin Leiper (Scotland)


30 (Hostel-Second floor Hall)

Diagnosis and Treatment of prostate cancer using a real patient. This will give a live illustration of the seven level model in action to which the students would be expected to contribute.

David Chaput de Saintonge



15 (House #1 Hall)

How to perform Hip Arthroplasty with a practical illustrations

Vitaliy Bondar (Ukraine)


15 (House #3 Hall)

Prevention and management of pressure ulcers

June Johnson (USA )


15 (House #3 Hall)

Something practical related to dentistry.

Klara Dudas (Serbia)


90(Half of Main Hall)

How to organize HIV/AIDS programmes and construct funding request for future HIV/AIDS.

Gil Odendaal (USA)

Lunch/Break: 3:02-3:55

Closing Ceremony/Sharing of Certificates/Awards: 3:57-4:50

Activity number





3:57-4:00 pm

Opening prayer

Dr Rostyslav Semikov






4:25-4:35 pm

Gifts/appreciation to Speakers and others.


Jim Peipon

Denis Gorenko

June Johnson



Music Interlude




Closing Remarks

Alexander Doroshenko President (CMA-Ukraine)



Word of Thanks

G. Ama Brown



Closing prayer

Pastor Sasha.



M.Cs: William Lamptey


PRIME-Partnership In Medical Education (UK)

UMO-Ukraine Medical Outreach (USA)

NCFI-Nursing Christian Fellowship International (Worldwide)

MTW-Missions to World (USA)

CMF-Christian Missionary Fellowship (USA)

IFES-International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Ukraine)

ACP-Alliance of Christian Professionals (Ukraine)

CMA-Ukr. : Christian Medical Association (Ukraine)

CMF-Christian Medical Fellowship (UK)

ICMDA-International Christian Medical and Dental Association, USA (Eurasia)

Global HIV/AIDS Initiative (USA)

RM-Russian Ministries (Russia)

O.I.C-Overseas Instructions in Counseling (USA)

WM-World Witnesses (USA)

IFI- International Faith Initiatives (USA)

YWM-Youth with Missions (Ukraine)

Local Pastors Council (Ternopil, Ukraine)

Local Churches



List of Speakers:

Dr. Jim Peipon.

Personal Profile: I graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Temple University School of Medicine in 1977. I completed my internship in pediatrics at Norton Childrens Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky in 1978, my pediatric residency at Childrens Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1980 and a fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology in 1982. I then moved to Salisbury, Maryland where I was the founding pediatrician of a private pediatric clinic and practiced pediatrics for 20 years. During this time I also served as the Chief of Pediatrics at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland. In 2001 my family and I moved to Kiev, Ukraine and now serve as the President and Medical Director of Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc. This organization teaches how to share the love of Christ with medical professionals and students from all over Ukraine who in turn share with their patients and colleagues. We organize conferences to improve the care of children with disabilities and HIV/AIDS. I have been married to my wife, Marianna, for 30 years and have two daughters, one son and two grandsons.





Prof. Wayne

Personal/Professional Background: The Lord honored me with the privilege of serving Him as a pastor for 32 years. For 25 of those years (81-06) I was in Crown Point, IN, and for 15 of those years (92-07) I served as Adjunct Faculty at Moody Bible Institute. Early during that time I completed the basic biblical counseling training program in Lafayette, IN, and was asked to be in the first "advanced" counseling training course they ever held. I later completed a doctorate in biblical counseling under Howard Eyrich (former Exec. Dir. of NANC) at Trinity Theological Seminary. The year after the completion of my Trinity program I enrolled in - and recently completed - the D.Min. (Biblical Counseling) program at BBS, PA. I'm a long-time NANC-certified counselor and a Fellow of the Association.

Ministry Background: Overseas Instruction in Counseling was begun in June 2006, for the purpose of providing biblical counseling training around the world. Our strategic objective, assisting in the initial creation and continuing development of national biblical counseling training and certifying organizations, (or, said more simply, NANCs) is already being realized in the Middle East, in the Philippines, in the Slavic world, and in many nations in Europe. There is a lot more information about the ministry of OIC on our website: <>.





Dr John Geater MBE .

Personal Profile: MBChB DRCOG DTM&H MRCGP is International Director of PRIME and has taught extensively in pre and post-graduate courses for doctors, students and other healthcare workers in Europe, N Africa and S Asia.

He worked from 1970-75 in Bhutan, with his wife Jane, a pharmacist, developing the national leprosy control programme and as medical superintendent first of Gida kom Hospital close to the capital Thimphu, and then of Mongar regional hospital in the east of Bhutan, which he himself designed. In the course of this work, a training programme was run for paramedical and nursing staff and research published into both nursing procedures and the epidemiology of leprosy.

From 1975-1998 he worked in family medicine in both New Zealand and UK, becoming involved in training and the organisation of both the training of trainers and post graduate continuing medical education courses for general practitioners He was appointed chair of the regional workshop for the development of post-graduate education for GPs in South East Thames Region in 1998. He is now International Director of PRIME Partnerships in International Medical Education - a network of more than 100 healthcare tutors committed to teaching integrated whole person clinical care in more than thirty countries. Many of these tutors are occupying high positions in medical and nursing education in the UK, USA, Australia and other countries in Europe, Africa and S Asia.

Since 1998 in relation to his work as International Director of PRIME he has worked as a medical teacher and consultant in East and West Europe, North Africa and South Asia including projects supported by British Council, UK Department for International Development, UNICEF and USAID. He has a passion for centering medical practice on a compassionate understanding of the whole patient and for bringing together those of like mind round the globe.

His work in Tunisia, supported by British Council and UNICEF led to establishment of a faculty of family medicine and a national association for family doctors. In Albania he worked with the Director of Family Medicine to design the curriculum for retraining GPs used in the USAID sponsored national programme. In 1999 he received an award for services to medical education from the University of London.

In June 2006 he received the award of the MBE (Membership of the Order of the British Empire) from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the Queens Birthday Honours In December 2006 he was awarded the title Graduate of the Year by the University of Birmingham in recognition of his work in PRIME. He has been married to his wife Jane for 43 years and they have 3 children, each born in a different continent, and eight grandchildren.


Dr. David M Chaput de Saintonge

Personal Profile: MB. BS, BSc (Hons), PhD, FRCP, FFPM is director of education for PRIME partnerships in medical education. For 25 years he was senior lecturer in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics at St Bartholomews and the Royal London Hospital medical Colleges and latterly senior lecturer in medical education and director of clinical skills. During this period he also held the post of honorary consultant physician in Internal Medicine to St Bartholomews and the Royal London Hospitals.

David has 40 years of teaching experience in internal medicine, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics and clinical and communication skills and has taught widely in Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Romania, Spain, Sudan, Sweden and the USA. He has extensive examining experience as senior examiner in the University of London and to the General medical Council.

Davids research interests included the analysis of expert clinical judgement and the design of educationally effective environments. He has published extensively and made numerous contributions to scientific meetings in Britain, USA, France, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Croatia. He holds research appointments at the Unit of International Health Care Research, the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and the Centre for Research on Judgement Policy at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences, University of Colorado.

Since joining PRIME, David has been responsible for the design and quality of educational workshops on a range of topics particularly whole person medicine and spiritual care. His current major academic responsibilities are for curriculum development in association with the First Moscow medical Academy named after IM Sechenov and MONIKI postgraduate Institute.

David is has been married to Gail for 35 years and they have 3 sons. They live in a small country village in the south of England.




Prof. Sharon Kuhn P

Personal Profile: Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Health Sciences University. Co-Medical Director of Mission to the World with medical outreach in many countries of the world. I have had the opportunity to work in many of these countries, often with medical and nursing students, residents and volunteer faculty. I am also hold a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Traveler's Health.










Dr J Martin Leiper, Hons BSc, MB ChB, FRCP.


I have been a consultant in palliative medicine in NHS Tayside, Scotland, UK for 22yrs and I lead a team of 16 doctors in hospice, home care and university hospitals. My background is in hospital medicine and I have been past chairman of the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.

I am an honorary senior lecturer in the University of Dundee, a PRIME tutor and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. I have had the privilege of short term postgraduate Palliative Medicine teaching in a number of countries.

My passions are communicating well with patients improving control of their symptoms in advanced illness. I also work with young people in the outdoors.






Madam June Johnson.

Professional Profile:

June Johnson (USA)  After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 1988, June worked in a variety

of settings including med/surg, out patient clinic, Easter Seals and Young Life.  She then went on to be certified as

a specialist in wound and ostomy care in 1991 and for 7 years worked as head wound care and ostomy nurse in 2 hospitals.  13 years ago, God called June to Ukraine where she now serves as a missionary with Christian

Missionary Fellowship International. She uses her skills as a tool for evangelism in church-based clinics and medical outreaches.  In addition, June facilitates evangelistic outreaches to children and teenagers.







Dr. Lena Lobbak

Personal Profile:

Born and raised in Kiel/germany.German father,Swedish mother. Studied dentistry at the Cau in Kiel and at the Doi in Bergen . Finished 2001. Worked in Trondheim in public health(mostly pediatric dentistry),at the maxilla-facial-ward at the st. olavs hospital and since 4 years in a private praxis. Married(to the best husband in the world ;)2 boys. 7 and 9 years. In my spare time I work as a fitness instructor at a club in Trondheim and train with our dog to become a search and rescue team.



Prof. Serhiy Klymnyuk

Short Personal Profile: Head of Microbiology, Virology, and Immunology Department of I.Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical Universit.

Scientific interest: Human microbial ecology in different age periods in norm and pathology. Microbial antagonism. Problems of Probiotics clinical use. Antibiotic susceptibility of microbes.


Prof. Mykhaylo Korda

Personal Profile: Current Position: Chair and Professor, Medical Biochemistry Department, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine


Doctor of Medical Sciences (Medical Biochemistry), Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine, 1998.

Dissertation: Oxidative Processes and Protective Systems of the Organism in Toxic Liver Injury

Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Lviv State Medical University, Ukraine, 1991.

Dissertation: Role of Free Radical Oxidation and Antioxidant System Disorders in Acute Toxic Hepatitis Pathogenesis.

MD, Diploma of Higher Education with Highest Honours, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine, 1988.

Professional EXPERIENCE

2007-present Chair and Professor, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine;

2004-2007 - Visiting Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Ohio University, USA;

20032004 Research Associate, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Ohio University, USA;

2001-2002 Professor, Medical Biohemistry Department, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine;

1998-2001 - Associate Professor, Medical Biochemistry Department, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine;

1995 - Research Associate, Institute of Biochemistry, Gratz University, Austria

1991-1997 Assistant Professor, Medical Biochemistry Department, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine;


TEACHING experience

Total teaching experience: 20 years

Courses taught:

         Biochemistry (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 490-492/590-592)

         Basic Biochemistry (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 489/589)

         Biochemistry Lab (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 493)

         Toxicology (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 485/585)

         Forensic DNA Typing (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 488C)

         Principles of Chemistry I-III (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 121-123)

         Concepts of Chemistry (Ohio University, USA) (Chem 150)

         Medical Biochemistry (Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine)

         Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine)

         Medical Biochemistry Lab (Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine)

         Bioorganic Chemistry (Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine)



Research interests are in the area of free radical biochemistry. Particular interests are centered in the three following fields:

(1) Studying of the role of nitric oxide, peroxynitrate and superoxide in the cardiovascular system. Research focuses on the understanding of the endothelial dysfunction mechanisms in obesity, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. We are especially interested in the elucidating of the role of adipose tissue derived hormone leptin in the vascular tone control. We discovered that chronic hyperleptinemia accompanying obesity can modify the endothelial NO/O2.-/ONOO- metabolism and cause endothelial disfunction.

(2) Free radical hepatotoxicology. We are interested in the mechanisms of reactive oxidant and nitrogen production in hepatocytes, the biochemistry of biological damage and the consequences of oxidative and nitrosooxidative stress as well as the mechanisms that liver cells use to attenuate free radical damage. Particular interest is centered on the interaction of cytochrome P450 dependent monooxigenase system of microsomes and reactive nitric oxide species and its role in cell damage by xenobiotics.

(3) Free radical mechanisms of atherosclerosis development. Our research is focused on the mechanisms of low density lipoproteins (LDL) modification and prevention of such modification by antioxidants.




Prof. Kateryna Posokhova

Personal Profile:

Current Position: Chair and Professor, Pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacology Department, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine


Doctor of Medical Sciences (Pharmacology), Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology,Kyiv, Ukraine, 1995.

Dissertation: Experimental Therapy by Hepatoprotectors and Mikrosomal Enzyme System Inductors in Liver Injury

Ph.D. (Pharmacology), Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology,Kyiv, Ukraine, 1981.

Dissertation: Effectiveness of Lipamide, Calcium pangamate, Methylmethioninsulfonium chloride and D-penicillamine in Toxic Liver Injury

MD, Diploma of Higher Education with Highest Honours, Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine, 1973.

Scientific interests: Antibiotics, Nitric oxide




 Dr. Viktor Biryukov MD, PhD

Personal Profile:

 Director of Strategic Planning, associate professor of Department Social Medicine and Medical Management of Odessa Medical University



Dr. Klara Kisgeci Dudas

Personal Profile:

Dental practitioner, working at Health Clinic for 31 years in Novi Sad.

President of Christian Medical fellowship of Serbia. Educations: Medical and Dental Faculty in Belgrade, Graduated theologian, Trainer for International Saline and EQUIP, member of HOPE II for Europe Church Health Network and Evangelical Leadership Forum.





Dr. Anita Verhoeven

Personal Profile:

I was trained as a general practitioner and was a GP for a few years. Then I worked in medical librarianship for 21 years. The last 10 years I combined librarianship with a position as literature specialist in the Department of General Practice. Since 2009 I have been employed fully as a university teacher and quality manager at the unit Vocational Training for general practitioners.



DR. Ros Simpson

Personal Profile:

Dr Ros Simpson, BM, DFFP, DRCOG, Dip Med Educ. MRCGP.  Is Senior Clinical Teacher, Southampton University Medical School, UK, General Practitioner, and PRIME Director for Eastern European Activities.

I am a British GP and a University undergraduate and postgraduate Teacher. I teach medical students about general practice and communication and clinical skills. I work half time in a busy city General Practice as well as working for PRIME as a teacher in various Eastern European countries. 

I have been in my family practice for 20 years and work with my husband Roly and we have 4600 patients on our list. British General Practice is tough and changing these days with many targets and government regulations and rules. We fight hard to maintain a caring family practice where the patient matters and we have time to listen. We aim to treat everyone equally and fairly and enjoy the respect of our patients for this.


I have 20 years experience of teaching undergraduate medicine and now teach in all years of the course in a primary care setting. I am interested in interactive teaching and especially teaching emotional and spiritual intelligence in the consultation, professionalism and values based training. 

I use the wisdom in the room to learn collaboratively and then add evidence based content that may be lacking.

 I work for PRIME to help to bring this caring compassionate attitude into medicine in Eastern Europe which I do by sharing my experience, and facilitating people in the conferences to understand how things can be different and work to effect change that will make a difference to patient care in Armenia and Romania and improve medical standards of care.

I bring to this course 20 years of experience as a clinical teacher and course planner, and have an experiential and constructivist approach strong on developing suitable attitudes in doctors to fulfil their values.

I have 3 children aged 21, 23, and 25 years old. My daughter Sophie studies drama at University near London, my son Graham works as a chef and my son Matt is an engineer and IT specialist.






Dr. Wiley Smith

Personal Profile:

I am a family (general) physician who received my medical training at Uniformed Services University, the military medical school of the U.S.A. I have been a Christian since age 13. My wife, Karon, and I have been married for 31 years and we have four children. After serving for twenty years as a physician in the U.S. Army, I became a missionary physician for the Presbyterian Church in America. My family and I lived in the country of Belize in Central America for eight years, working at a clinic in a rural village. For the last two years, I have worked with Mission to the World, the missionary agency of the Presbyterian Church as a leader of medical teams assisting Christian churches in other countries. I have been with medical teams in Haiti, Peru, Belize, Myanmar, Honduras and Ukraine. When not in other countries, I care for patients in a clinic that assists poor patients and visit poor patients in their homes.








Prof. Gil Odendaal.

Personal Profile:

Gil Odendaal, Ph.D., D.Min. serves as Global Director for the HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback. For the past 15 years he has progressively immersed himself in the mobilization of civil society and its fight against HIV and AIDS, especially in the African context. He is a researcher and practitioner with deep experience and knowledge gained through hands-on involvement and doctoral research in the wholistic task and mobilizations of civil society in its battle against AIDS with expertise in the pedagogical and cultural aspects pertaining to the pandemic. Prior to accepting his current position, Gil served as Regional Coordinator for Africa with Medical Ambassadors International where he provided leadership to more than 600 Community Development Trainers and 9,000 Community development Volunteers. He also served as Regional Coordinator for Russia and Eastern Europe for a period of two years. He has a proven record of accomplishment for developing and implementing strategic plans for long- and short-term transnational community development projects on global and regional scale.

Deeply committed to unleash the untapped human resources latent in civil society worldwide and to see health equity become a reality in the southern countries, Gil trains and mobilizes medical professionals, leaders to train ordinary community members for effective AIDS prevention and care. He has developed innovative programs, projects and campaigns that empower civil society that has resulted in community based programs for AIDS prevention and care that are sustainable and reproducible. He is in demand as speaker and participated in numerous forums as speaker worldwide including the World AIDS Conference in Mexico City in 2008 and serves as guest professor at universities on a regular basis.

Gil holds professional memberships in a number of organizations including the American Anthropological Association (AAA); Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR); Association for Africanist Anthropology; Association of Professors of Missions; International AIDS Society (IAS), The Global Health Council (GHI) .



Prof. Tove Giske

Personal Profile:

I am a nurse with PhD in nursing (2008).

I have experience from nursing in hospital care (medical units), from teaching in under graduate programs and from different specializations. I have supervised & examined students in master programs at university level. Since 2008 I have also been working in different development and research projects. One example is a longitudinal multinational study of nursing students understanding & competences of spiritual care. In this study 3200 students in 10 countries this fall are invited to take part in the study which will go over 3 years.

Since 1982 I have been an active member of NCF (Nurses Christian Fellowship) in Norway and for the last 10 years I have been the editor of our journal Journal of faith and profession. For 8 years I also served at the European Regional committee, and for 4 + 4 years I have been at the International Board of NCFI. This last period I am the vice president of NCFI.



Rev Dr Martin Chomiw

Personal Profile: Rev Dr. Martin Chomiw is a priest of the Ukrainian Eastern rite Catholic Church. Holds a doctorate in Canon Law .

I am a UK citizen of Ukrainian origin living and working in Ukraine since 1996. At present I am a curate priest at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Ternopil; Head of the Ukrainian Theological Society in Ternopil; Defender of the Bond at the local Eparchial Tribunal and Vice regional Chaplain for the Faith and Light communities in Ukraine.

A Faith and Light Community, is a group of 15 to 40 persons (children, teenagers or adults with an intellectual disability, their family and friends) who meet together at least once per month for a gathering of friendship, sharing, prayer and celebration.

In my work as a Chaplain for the mentally and intellectually disabled I frequently come into contact with those unable to cope physically and emotionally on their own. Faith and Light was born of a desire to help people with an intellectual disability and their families find their place within the Church and society.


Asst. Prof. Olexandra Prokopivna Andriyshyn

Personal Profile: Associate professor of histology department of Ternopil State Medical University Candidate of medicine in histology from 2001 to present. Experience -17 years, scientific/research experience -25 years.

Dr. Vitaliy Bondar

Personal Profile: Orthopedist Surgeon. 9 years of job experience. Practical work is operations on the Hip and Knee joints.


Dr. Marina Calac

Personal Information: I am from Republic of Moldava a child named Alexandra Puiu.

Education: Institution: N. Testemitanu state University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Chisinau, Moldova 1996-1999. Post-graduate studies: Residency curriculum in Pediatrics

N. Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Chisinau, Moldova 1996-1999. Degree in General Medicin ; Specialty Pediatrics.

Professional Position - paediatrician

Institution - Centre of Early Intervention VOINICEL

The main topics I am experienced in: Developmental Peadiatrics Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The common genetic syndromes. Individuals with Profund and Multiple Disabilities. Therapies and activiites for individuals with PMD.

Dr. Jeff Crane

Dr. Jeff Crane is an American board-certified Internal Medicine specialist who practiced over 13 years in South Carolina before he and his wife, Donna, a registered nurse, and children moved to Ukraine in 2007 in order to begin Christian ministry within healthcare and orphanages. He now serves as the Medical Director of International Faith Initiatives, Inc., which is based in Noblesville, Indiana. He firmly believes that the faith of the Christian doctor can be appropriately and professionally expressed on a daily basis within the practice of medicine.





Yuriy Deremenda

MBA (Faculty of International Business, TNEU)
MA (Faculty of Foreign Languages, TNPU)

Teaching background:
2006 - present          Assistant Professor, Department of Social Medicine, TSMU
2005 - 2006              Teacher of Foreign Languages, Buchach College




Dr. Rostyslav Semikov

Personal Profile:

Oxford University.



International Organizing Committee (IOC) Members:

1. Ass. Prof. Vladimir Voloshyn (TSMU)
2. Dr. Natalia Lisnichuk (TSMU)
3. Prof. Mykhailo Korda (TSMU)
4. Madam June Johnson (CMS)
5. Dr. Jim Peipon (UMO)
6. Prof. Gil Odendaal (Saddleback/Russian Ministries)
7. Dr. John Geater (Prime)
8. Dr. William Smith

9. Prof. Sharon Walter Kuhn (MTW)
10. Mr. Denis Gorenkov (IFES)
11. Pastor Vladimir Kostyshyn (Ternopil churches)
12. Pastor Oleksandr Volyanik (YWM)

13. Prof. Tove Giske
14. Dr. Rostyslav Semikov (CMA-U/CPA)-Leader



National Organizing Committee (NOC) Members:

1. Mr. Denis Gorenkov

2. Alexandre Kreschenko

3. Daniel Bassana 

4. Daniel Selby

5. James Okafor

6. June Johnson

7. Kingsley Emesiobi

8. Dr. Rostyslav Semikov

9. Joseph Ansong

10. Dr. Jim Peipon

11. Dr. Oksana Pinkevich

12. William Lamptey (Leader)


Local Organizing Committee Members:

1. Gift Elenga (Leader)

2. Makama Funom

3. Janet Korkor Djangmah

4. Victor Chibiko

5. Frank Ekpeh

6. Clement Nwaduwa

7. William Lamptey.



First AIDS/Emergency Committee (FAC) Members:

1. Madam June Johnson-Head

2. Daniel Selby

3. Daniel Bassana

4. Rose Ballah

5. Constancia Edinam Gobodzo


Advisory Board (AB) Committee Members:

1. Dr. Jim (Head)

2. Madam June

3. Mr. Denis

4. Dr. Rostyslav

5. William Lamptey


International Christian Junior Medical Council Members:

1.       Dilibe Arthur Ugochukwu (Dnipro)

2.      Oragui Chika Chukwuemeka (Dnipro)

3.      Godwin Efobi (Odessa)

4.      Marwan Zediah (Odessa)

5.      James K. Okafor (Sumy)

6.      Olayode Olufemi Ayotunde (Sumy)

7.      Daniel Selby (Kharkov)

8.      Emamuel Donkor (Kharkov)

9.      Gift Elenga (Ternopil)

10.  Makama Funom(Ternopil)

11.  Joseph Ansong Yeboah (Bukovinian State Medical University)

12.  Neerja Barve (Bukovinian State Medical University)

13.  Daniel Bassana (Ivano-Frankivs'k National medcial university)

14.  Abraham Mensah ( Ivano-Frankivsk National medcial university)

15.  Kingsly Emesly (Lungask medical University)

16.  Adeniran Olayemi Adeniyi (Lungask medical University)

17.  Ako Akama Leslie Mbo ( Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Potalva)

18.  Bamiduro Idowu  Olagoke ( Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Potalva)

19.  June Johnson (Crimea State)

20.  Chinasa Trinitta Ugwuegbulem (Crimea State Medical University)

21.  Dr. Jim Peipon (Kiev)

22.  Nina (Vinnitsya)

23.  Mr Denis Gorenkov (IFES-Ukraine)

24.  Dr. Jeff Krane (Kiev)

25.  Dr. Rostyslav (Ukraine)

26.  William Lamptey(Ukraine)




International Coordinators and their contacts:



Dnipropetrovsk Odessa

Dilibe Arthur Ugochukwu Godwin Efobi

80937128784 80931462017


Sumy Kharkiv

James K.Okafor Daniel Selby

80936974458 80937946572


Ternopil Chernivtsi

Gift Elenga Joseph Ansong Yeboah

80633528356 80937292963


Ivano-Frankivsk Lugansk

Daniel Bassana Kingsley Emesly

80934980314 80634517549


Poltava Crimea

Ako Akama Leslie Mbo Chinasa Trinitta Ugwuegbulem

80634513056 80638581958


Kyiv Vinnitsya

Dr. Jim Peipon Nina Kardash


80633936375 80984458664


IFES Ukraine Donetsk

Mr Denis Gorenkov Dennis Sitenov

809 80932279367


Zaporizhzhya Lviv

Vitalina Herasimenko Olexandra Olehivna Tsymbrak


Alliance of Christian Professionals Ukraine Ukraine

Dr. Rostyslav Semikov William Lamptey

80675006100 80638008882






National Coordinators and their contacts:



Vynnytsya Lugansk

Nina Karpna Olecya Bolkova

80984458664 80995647721


Dnipropetrovsk Odessa

Vokoyu Cepril Roman Shurniy

80501380735 80632319185


Donetsk Sumy

Dennis Semenov Maxim

80932279367 80637784575


Zhytomyr Ternopil

Anthon Komukev Nadia Kravetstsi

80933315367 80979828908

Zakarpattya Kharkiv

Rostyslav Lesko Inesa Meima

80661323531 80937232321


Zaporizhzhya Kherson

Vitalina Gersumenko Cameruna Dsen

80939806986 80956954413


Kirovograd Chernivtsi

Stanislav Doroshenko Vlaldimar Momorni

80937660041 80990387250


Kyiv Chernivtsi

Yakiv Shertok Karthriena Bucovka

80639599323 80634390245


Crimea Ukraine

Julia Vyaeba Roman Shurniy

80993287821 80632319185


Scheme of "Chervona Kalyna" territory

1 - Central Building:

1st floor: 2nd floor:

assembly hall conference room

classrooms dining room

green hall

fireplace hall

2 - Hotel

3 - Profilactorium

4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Cottages

9 - Swimming pool

10 - Tennis Court

11 - Volleyball Court

12 - Farm Yard

13 - Pond


Scheme of route to " Chervona Kalyna"