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III Regional Opened Championship of Emergency Medical Service




III Regional Ambulance Competitions

              May 27, 2011(Friday)

Place of meeting: educational health-improvement complex «Chervona Kalyna»  Ternopil State Medical University  by  Gorbachevsky (Druzhba, Terebovlyanskyj district, Ternopil region).

8.00 - 9.00 – registration (lobby of the congress center, educational health-improvement complex «Chervona Kalyna»).

9.00- solemn opening, announcement of rules, drawing (conference-hall, educational health-improvement complex «Chervona Kalyna»).

10.00-17.00 – competitive tasks (territory near the educational health-improvement complex «Chervona Kalyna»).

17.00 – the sequence implementation announcement of the competitive tasks, summarizing the contest, rewarding the winners.

18.00  supper.



of the III Regional Ambulance Competitions (Ternopil - 2011)

( according requirements of international rules of the ambulance competitions )


 1. Medical ambulance teams, which consist of a doctor (specialization-“Emergent medicine”), medical assistant (specialization emergency and urgent care”), orderlies and drivers are able to take part in the competitions. The doctor is a team leader. It is obligatory to have staffed ambulance.

2. The quality of performance standards, adopted in Ukraine, as well as the recommendations of the European Resuscitation Council and American Association of Cardiologists underlie at the basis of judgement.

The judgement will be promoted by determining the level of knowledge and practical skills of team members in the course of simulated emergencies, the quality of ambulances equipment and the ability to perform additional adroit tasks.

3. The competitions are held in the cities, on the roads, but not in the closed space, which obliges the members to observe the rules of driving. It is strongly forbidden to use sound and light signals at the time of driving, except the following situations: a) the appropriate instructions are described at the task, b) their using is necessary for the event.

4. It is necessary to have completed set of documents relating to the ambulance, for all the drivers. It is possible for the route patrols, which monitor the observance of the rules of driving and promote speed measuring actions, to work at the route. If the violations of driving rules take place, the teams get penalty points, which will be subtracted from the total score of the team. All the members are solely responsible for violating the above rules, up to their exclusion from the competition.

It is possible to check the drivers on blood alcohol before the beginning of the competitions. In the case of its presents, the team will be disqualified.

5. The start numbers will be determined by throwing lots at the beginning of competition.

6. Each team gets the starts table. The team should appear to the start place 5 minutes before the time specified. If the team members don’t appear to the start place in time- all the team will be disqualified.

7. Each team receives map directions, task and time limits according to the task at the start. Maximum and minimum time for the arrival to the place of event is strongly determined. For too fast or too slow arrival to the place of event the team will get penalty points.

8. All the implementations of every task are strongly time-limited to 10 minutes (except the target tasks).  The team will be informed 2 minutes before its end. When the implementation time is over, the judge will show a sign. After that, the team should leave the place of event irrespective of all the planned rescue manipulation.

9. The time for each team begins from the judges order “time-to-startafter arriving to the place of event. Judges provide information only after a clear request of team members. All the questions must be related directly to the task.

10. All invasive manipulations will be performed on the mannequin or imitate at the simulator at the place of event. If the preparation of victim transportation is a part of the task, it should be promoted as in real situation.

11. All the teams should carry out the judges’ orders.

12. Every task is evaluated with the help of the appropriate card (it will be possible to familiarize it after the end of competitions).

13. The final result will be determined after summing the scores of all teams and subtracting the penalty points. It is possible for the teams’ observers to take part in the process of summing up the results of competition: analysis of the protocols, which are prepared by the judges, calculating the final amount of points of each team and determination of its place in the Premiership.

14. The appellation against the courts' decisions may be submitted within one hour after the announcement of the results after the introduction of the sponsorship fee in the amount of 200 hryvnyas.

15. All the additional information for the teams according to the competition will be submitted in writing form during the competition.

16. In controversial and questionable situations and all the decisions will be made by the appellate judges committee.

17. All the disqualified team members will not receive certificates and confirmation of travel.

18. Estimation teams will be conducted in two nominations (regional teams of Ternopil region, ceparately the teams of Ternopil city)



Organizing Committee