The ICMDA is the International Christian Medical and Dental Association. In Ukraine, the CMA, Christian medical Association has been in existence since 1992 and has been functioning within the Ukrainian borders, helping and encouraging young medical professionals on how to harness the wisdom of God even as they practice. But, the ICMDA is like the foreign chapter of the CMA and on the 30th of October 2010, the first international conference was held in Kharkiv.

With the success and completion of the first conference, Ternopil was chosen by the National committee members of the ICMDA, also due in part to the large turn up of Ternopil participants in the first conference, and hence came the location of the 2nd conference. The Ternopil State medical University complex in Kalyna became the site of choice for the conference and it also served as accommodation of participants outside the city and also another village in the name of Zarvanytsa which is about 45 minutes drive from Kalyna was a site for more accommodation too.


The Conference took effect on the 29th and ended on the 30th with tremendous success. It graced 364 participants from 16 different cities in Ukraine and also from Serbia. These students cut across 21 countries, ranging from Tunisia to Morocco, Egypt, Russia, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Poland, Serbia, Congo, Cameroon, Uganda, Namibia, Ukraine, Swaziland, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria. Also, 42 guests from 9 different countries (U.S.A, Norway, Holland, Scotland, England, Serbia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine) were in attendance. It is also very important to note that participants were not only Christians as 24 were Muslims, 5 were Buddhists.


The Conference programs included Master classes (three on the 29th and one on the 30th of October) which are forums for tutorials/teachings from our invited guests who are renowned professors and achievers in their various fields of career. The essence of such master classes is not just to teach but for these important personalities to share their years of experience with participants and if possible share some of the things the participants may not see or learn in books. Since it is not just a Medical conference but as well a Christian, there were programs for the spiritual aspect of the participants such as worship and praises, admonishment and spiritual encouragements. Presentations were also made, especially the one made by Elenga Gift on Xenodermograft. The program was not all about all-work-for-Jack but as well there were breaks in interval of the event. Lunch and dinner were also served during the conference in the Medical complex on Saturday while only lunch on Sunday. The Master classes/presentations rendered were as follows:


1.      Xenodermograft, an intervention that is saving Lives

2.      The scientific evidence for the role of faith in the health of patients.

3.      How to target the truth.

4.      Efficiency of mexicor in treatment of patient with hypertensive diseases and chronic Kidney disorders.

5.      Compassion (Therapeutic relationships).

6.      HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

7.      A study of motivation in learning, advising patients about change and personal development.

8.      Diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer using a real patient.

9.      Prevention and management of pressure Ulcers.

10.  Stress management and how to handle an angry patient.

11.  Oral hygiene and its complications

12.  A Global perspective of Medicine.

13.  Dental treatment in the terminal phase of Life

14.  How to use an Otoscope and diagnosis of ear infections in Children.

15.  Breaking bad news and answering difficult questions about end of Life from the patient.

16.  Morphological basis of circulatory system disorders.

17.  How to approach Xenophobia and immigration problems.

18.  Structuring scientific research article.

19.  Human Microbial ecology.

20.  What is Health?

21.  Antibiotic abuse

22.  Checking spiritual vital signs.

23.  Pain management in palliative care.

24.  Primary care Medicine, the impact of chronic diseases.

25.  Battle fatigue

26.  Global mental Health problems.

27.  A Christian Doctors perspective on chronic illnesses.

28.  Life choices- what sort of doctor will you be?

29.  Histophysiology of blood.

30.  Care of Colostomy patient.

31.  A practical on examination of the diabetic patient.

32.  How to read and evaluate research article.

33.  New advances on determining the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of Autism.

34.  Patient-Doctor relationships.

35.  Prophylaxis in pharmacy and Dentistry.

36.  Seven Billion patients and you.

37.  The usage of Thiopoentin (glutoxim) in the complex treatment of Non-Alcoholic steatohepatitis.

38.  Global womens health issues.

39.  Meaning, hope and the will of Life.

40.  VB (Teaching children with ASD towards recovery).

41.  How Health systems function (differences, approaches, etc) in the world.


The guest speakers were:

1.      Wiley Smith (MTW-USA)

2.      Lena Lobakk (PRIME- Norway)

3.      Marina (Moldova)

4.      J. Martin Leiper (PRIME- Scotland)

5.      Andriyshyn Olexandra Prokopivna (Ukraine)

6.      Yana Salakhova (IFES- Ukraine)

7.      Anita Verhoeven (PRIME- Holland)

8.      Klymnyk Serhiy (Ukraine)

9.      Victori Andes (USA)

10.  Kateryna Posokhova (Ukraine)

11.  J. Martin Leiper (Scotland)

12.  Dr. Jim Peipon (USA)

13.  Prof. Wayne Vanderwier (USA)

14.  Dr. John Geater (England)

15.  Prof. Tove Giske

16.  Gil H. Odendaal (Global HIV/AIDS initiative-USA)

17.  Ros Simpson (PRIME-Internation, England)

18.  David Chaput de Saintouge (PRIME-International, England)

19.  Ms. June Johnson (CMA-USA/Ukraine)

20.  Klara Kisgeci Dudas (Serbia)

21.  Shawn Kuhn (MTW_USA)



The aims of this conference are to promote the establishment of professional relationship and the vocational growth of young professionals in the health field and also to provide through lectures and seminars theoretical and practical knowledge of current issues in Medicine with the application of Jesus teaching principles.






Furthermore, it aims at exchanging experience with domestic and foreign health professionals (Academic exposure); giving a forum of health professionals (medical doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, laboratory technologists, etc to motivate students) and finally to support the young professionals in their spiritual and career development. All these aims have been adequately met and subsequent episodes of such a conference will only strengthen these aims. This conference which was organized under the auspices of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association was blessed with lots of partners both internationally and locally to ensure the success of this event and these partners are listed as follows:

1.      PRIME-Partnership in Medical Education (UK)

2.      UMO-Ukraine Medical Outreach (USA)

3.      NCFI-Nursing Christian fellowship international (Worldwide).

4.      MTW- Missions to the world (USA)

5.      CMF-Christian Missionary fellowship (USA)

6.      IFES-International fellowship of Evangelical students (Ukraine)

7.      ACP-Alliance of Christian Professionals (Ukraine).

8.      CMA-Ukraine: Christian Medical Association (Ukraine).

9.      CMF-Christian Medical Fellowship (UK)

10.  ICMDA-International Christian Medical and Dental Association (Worldwide)

11.  RM-Russian Ministries (Worldwide).

12.  Global HIV/AIDS initiative (USA).

13.  Association for spiritual renewal (Ukraine).

14.  Religious information service of Ukraine (Ukraine).

15.  Association of Christian Journalists, publishers and Broadcasters NovoMedia (Ukraine).

16.  Federation of Ukrainian Catholic Academical and student.

17.  Associations OBNOVA (Ukraine).

18.  OIC Oversees instruction in counseling (USA)

19.  IFI-International Faith initiatives (USA).

20.  YWAM- Youth with a mission (Ukraine).

21.  Local pastors council and Local churches (Ternopil, Ukraine).


There is the local organizing committee which worked tirelessly and immensely to ensure this conference becomes a historic event. This committee took responsibility of logistics, statistics, technicalities and all other aspect of this conference and hence needs to be acknowledged.It consists of:

1.      Gift Elenga (Head)

2.      Makama Funom Theophilus

3.      Janet Konkor Djangmah

4.      Victor Chibiko

5.      Frank Ekpeh

6.      Clement Nwaduwa, and

7.      William Lamptey

8.      Aleksandra Cichocka

This committee was assited by the First Aid/Emergency committee (FAC) members: Ms. June Johnson (Head-USA), Daniel Selby (Kharkiv), Daniel Bassana (Ivano Frankiv), Rose Ballah (Ternopil) and Constancia Edinam Gobodzo (Ternopil). The Rector and Administration of the Ternopil State Medical University is also greatly acknowledged for the success of this conference.