about IV scientific-practical conference

Actual prolems of pathology in condition of extraordinary factor action on organism

10-11 November, 2011

Scientific-practical conference Actual problems of pathology in condition of extraordinary factor action on organism

was held on 10-11November, 2011 in the conference hall of the
I.Ya.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University.


Scientific-practical conference was organized by the staff of the Pathological Physiology Department of the Institute of Modeling and Pathological Processes Analysing.

The conference was attended by 90 participants, the representatives of the I.Ya.Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University, M.I. Pirogov Vinnytsya National Medical University, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, Luhansk State Medical University, Sumy State University, M.Gorki Donetsk National Medical University, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Institute of medicine of labour Kyiv, S.I. Georgievsky Crimean State Medical University, O.V. Paladin Institute of biochemistry of the NS of Ukraine, Danylo Galitsky Lviv National Medical University, Bukovyna State Medical University, National Pharmaceutical University Kharkiv, Institute of Urology of NS of Ukraine, V.N. Karabin Kharkiv National University, Uzhhorod National University, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, O.O. Bohomolets Institute of physiology, Department of experimental balneology, ruskavets.

At the conference was considered the next actual problem of theoretical and practical medcine:

-         Mechnisms of rat heart pathology development at cramp syndrome.

-         Role of hemic hypoxia in pathogenesis bile formational and bile secretional function disorders of liver on fone of sceletal trauma in early posttraumatical period.

-         Role of vegetative dysbalance in pathogenesis of tachycardia at thyrotoxicose.

-         Sexual differences of the vegetative adjusting of heart of gonadectomy animals at his adrenalin damage on a background L -ginin.

-         A change of acetylcholine menntenance in the heart tissue of rats of different sex in the conditions of blockade of P-sensitivi potassium channels by glibenclamide.

-         Feature of regulation and metabolism of animals heart of different sex in the dynamics of thyrotoxicosis.

-         Antioxide-prooxide status of liver blood in the early period of heavy trauma.

-         Easy guinea-pigs have features of changes of catalase activity in the dynamics of development of experimental pneumonia.

-         Influence of experimental hypercholesterolemia and physical loading on development of endothelial disfunction.

-         State of antioxide defence in white rats at the use of water with different combinations of sodium and cadmium ions .

-         Features of local immunoreactivity in the mucous membrane of colon at toxic hepatitis.

-         Morphometric indexes of liver damage at a disstres-syndrome in new-born.

-         A role of endogenous intoxication in development of sharp pulmonary damage.

-         ̳crocirculative changes in genesis of docsorubicine cardiomyepathy.

-         Change to structural organization of wall of colon at chronic toxic hepatitis.


All on a conference is presented 90 scientific labours. Materials of conference will be published in collection of "Achievement of clinical and experimental medicine" on desember 2011 year and presented to the research workers.

On the basis of analysis and discussion of materials made inclusions of conference.