about the third regional competition of  emergency medical teams,

27 of  May, 2011



The third regional competition of emergency medical teams was held on     27 of May, 2011 in the Ternopil Park named by T.G. Shevchenko. This event was preceded by the opening ceremony which took place in the assembly hall of Ternopil municipal establishment “Ambulance station”, where were made speeches by the vice head of the organization of health care in the Ternopil region Synoverskyy L.V., mayor of the city Nadal S.V., head of the municipal organization of health care Levchuk R.D., head doctor of Ternopil municipal establishment “Ambulance station” Dzus M.Y.

Twenty one teams (17 regional teams, 3 teams from Ternopil and student’s team of Ternopil State Medical University) took part in the competition. Regional teams were evaluated in a separate category from the municipal teams. Competition was held in four competitive challenges.

First competitive task "Victim of love" required from the participants making a diagnose of the simulated victim in the state of clinical death and conducting qualified resuscitation activities with the performing of a modern protocol of ventricular fibrillation. Second competitive challenge "Fatal trip" obliged to conduct medical triage of victims by the rule of “four bandages”, third challenge - diagnose of clinical signs of hypoglycemic coma and cardiogenic shock. The fourth task consists in estimation of driver’s proficiency.

After the calculation of points the winner among the regional teams became Zalischycka ambulance team, second place – Berezhanska ambulance team, third place - Ternopil regional ambulance team. Among the Ternopil teams first place took the brigade of Ternopil municipal establishment “Ambulance station” led by doctor Roksolana Mirus, second – the team of doctor Tatyana Osechko, the third - the team of doctor Emilia Melnychuk. Winners in both categories will participate in “Podilsk rally” that will be held  on 13-14-15 of July in Kamyanets-Podilsk.