March 2, 2011 at the cancer clinic was Ternopil regional scientific-practical conference "Optimization of combined treatment of cancer", organized by the head of the department of oncology, radiation diagnosis and therapy and radiation medicine Prof. J. Halaichuk and Professor I. Zhulkevych.

In its halls conference gathered more than 40 practicing physicians from district hospitals oncologists and oncology departments, employees of the Department of Oncology, students TSMU them.Horbachevsky.

Statements included extraordinary cases of practical activities, available methods of early diagnosis, especially onkozahvoren symptoms. Prof. I. J. Halaichuk informed conference delegates with modern news world of medicine.


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Introduction by prof. I. J. GALAYCHUK

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Foreign students listen attentively to the conference report


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Members of the conference

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Speakers of the conference – the teachers of TSMU Horbachevsky