Ministry of Health of Ukraine

I.Ya.Horbachevskyy Ternopil State Medical University


Scientific Conference:



Halytski Anaestesiological Readings:

Current Issues in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care


19 20 May 2011










Dear Respected colleges!

We have the honor to invite you to take part in the regional scientific conference with international participation Halytski Anesthesiological Readings: Current Issues in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. Which will be conducted simultaneously with the interregional session of fellowship of anaesthesiologists on May 19-20 2011 held in I Ya Horbachevskyy Ternopil State Medical University.




Organizational committee



Scientific program of the conference

  • Realistic issues in anaesthesiology and intensive care.
  • Information resources for health services

Forms of participation in the conference

        Oral presentation

        Poster presentation

        Publication only

        Passive participation


Forms of publication

The materials of the conference will be published in a collection of articles

During the preparation of your presentation please follow these guidelines:

1.      Articles that will be printed have to be in either Ukrainian, Polish, or English and signed by their authors.

2.      The size of the article 1-3 pages, on one side of a A4 page of paper, in a size 14 font with 1.5 spacing. (up to 1800 characters and spaces per page).

3.      Structure of the article: name of the article, in capital letters, Surname and initials of the authors, full name of the institution, text.

4.    In the publication one should briefly describe the problem and its connection with scientific or practical work. Explain your aim and methods of investigation, present the main material and conclusions

5.    Please send the article in .doc or .rtf form to: .


N.B! It is important to mention the type of presentation of your materials (oral presentation, publication only, publication and poster presentation.

Skipping few spaces, indicate the full name, position, scientific degree of the author, mailing address, contact phone number, e-mail.


Deadline for submitting abstracts 1 April 2011

Price of publication- 35 grn. for 1800 symbols including spaces.

Foreign participants may submit all payments on arrival !!!

In other cases, payment receipt should be sent attached to the materials.

In case of absence of the author on the conference, a collection of articles will be sent via imposed transfer mail after authors request.



Information for participants:


Location of the conference:

I.Ya.Horbachevskyy Ternopil

State Medical University

Address: Maidan Voli 1,

Ternopil, Ukraine 46001


Contact info:

Foreign relations coordinator

Prof. Oliynyk Alexander

Tel. +380632661806


or (0352) 52-72-69 department of organization of scientific forums -

Volodymyr Dmytrovych Voloshyn

Fax: (0352) 52-72-69




Official languages of the conference:

Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish


Presentation guidelines:

- plenary session presentation 15 min.

- poster presentation - 5 min.


Mailing address:

Organizational committee of scientific conference Halytski Anaestesiological Readings: Current Issues in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (19.05.2011),

I.Ya.Horbachevskyy Ternopil State Medical University, department of organization of scientific forums.

Maidan Voli 1,

Ternopil, Ukraine 46001

e-mail: or