Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Ternopil State Medical University by I.Ya. Horbachevskyy

Final Scientific Practical Conference


June 9, 2011


Dear Colleagues,


It is our pleasure to send you the information about the scientific conference "Achievements of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. The conference will be present on June 9, 2011 in the Ternopil State Medical University I. Horbachevsky.


Sincerely - Organizing Committee


Scientific Program Conference:

- Achievements of clinical medicine (Section of therapeutic, surgical, maternity and child care)

- Achievements of Experimental Medicine (Section of morphological and physiological profile)

- Information resources for health services.


Forms of participation in the conference:

-         poster

-         only publication

-         auditor



Form of publication: the scientific materials will be published in the summary book.


The best reports will be printed on the pages of professional scientific-practical journal "The achievements of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

In preparing theses materials please follow the requirements:

1. The printed abstracts must be signed by the authors.

2. The volume of publications - 1-3 pages on one side of a sheet of A4, font 14 pt 1,5 spacing (28-30 lines per page) (generally up to 1800 letters and symbols with spaces per page).

3. Structure Abstract: name of work (by capital letters), surname and initials, text of work.

4. In preparing the thesis statement to outline the problem and its relation to important scientific and practical tasks, to formulate aim; methods of investigation, present the main material, conclusions and prospects.

5. Send to:

-   2 copies of abstracts;

- an electronic version on CD, saved as "*.doc" or "*.rtf";

-   copy of the payment;

- author's information.

NB! Write the name, academic degree or academic rank of the author, E-mail.

Deadline date - May 15, 2011

The cost of publication 10 USA$ for 1page.




Ternopil State. Med. University I.YA Horbachevskyy, Square of Volay, 1, Ternopil, 46001, Ukraine


(0352) 52-72-69 - department of science forums – Volodymyr Voloshyn

Fax: (0352) 52-72-69

e-mail:   vonf _


Official languages of the Conference - Ukrainian, English.