Scientific-practical conference




on November, 10-11 2011




Dear colleagues!


We have the honor to invite you to take part in the conference Environment and health, which will take place on November, 10-11 2011. The base place of conference is the I.Ya.Horbachevskyi Ternopil State Medical University.

We will be glad to welcome you in the congress-center of medical university, which is located in the picturesque place of our part of the world. There are all conditions for the effective working of the plenary and sectional meetings, round tables, exhibitions and leisure-time in the congress-center.

With the best wishes -

organizational committee



Program of conference includes such questions:

1.    Pathophysiology of extreme states and stress.

2.    Mechanisms of regulation of cardiovascular system in pathology.

3.    Metabolic changes in extraordinary influences on organism.

4.    Neuroendocrine and immune regulation in pathological factors action.


onference materials will be published in a collection.


At materials preparation we ask to adhere to such requirements:


1. Text of the article needs to be printed from one side of standard sheet of A4 format. The number of letters must be to 1900-2000 signs/a page. The number of pages no more 2. To send the articles in 2 copies.


2. The package for organizational committee must include: the 2 copies of printed article, CD-R or CD-RW with the electronic version of article (in MSWord editor "*.doc or *.rtf").

3. The structure of article:

a) names of authors;

b) name of the article;

c) name of establishment, from which the work goes out;

d) summery of the article (to 20 lines);

e) keywords;

f) text of the article must have the next structure:

- actuality of problem;

- formulation of aims and task;

- exposition of basic material;

- conclusions.

g) list of the used literature;

h) author certificate with an address of E-mail.



Term of serve of works to October,10, 2011.






Telephone, fax: 8(0352) 52-72-69 a department of organization of scientific forums as.-prof. Volodymyr Voloshyn.



An address for correspondence:

Org. committee Actual problems of pathology in conditions of extraordinary factors action on organism,

Ternopil state medical university,


- , 1,

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