Ministry of health of Ukraine

Ternopil state medical university named after I.Ya. Gorbachevsky

Educational-scientific institute of morphology



Scientific-practical conference





June, 17, 2011





Have the honor to invite you to take part in scientific-practical conference MORPHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF MICROCIRCULATION IN NORMAL CONDITION AND PATHOLOGY.

We will be glad to welcome you in the congress - center of the Ternopil state medical university the Red guelder-rose, which is aspecially created for the of scientific forums in a forest area near-by Ternopil. All the necessary prerequesites are present in the congress-center for carrying out of the scientific meetings, creative meetings and leisure.

Organizing committee


Points of conference:


-   microcirculation of organs and systems in normal condition and in pathology;

-   microcirculation of tissues and organs and its age changes;

-   modern methods of morphologic research of tissues and organs in normal condition and in pathology


Official languages of conference Ukrainian, Russian, English.


Forms of participation in a conference:

             a lecturies at meetings;

             charts presentation;

             participation in meeting;

             only publication;



Speaking time for 10 min.

Discussion for 5 min.

An organizing committee provides with: multimedia projector, codoscope, videotape recorder, sliderecorder.


Forms of publication:


- theses in collection of conference materials.

For the formation and printing of the program at a particular time it is necessary untill February, 20, 2010 to send to the organizing committee: materials of publications, request on participation, questionnaire of participant and xerox the copy of receipt, about sending of facilities.

Invitation and program of conference will be sent you 1 month prior to its beginning on the basis of the requests gotten from you.


Requirements for theses

Theses are designed on the paper of format of A4 (210õ297 ) in two copies and on the diskette of 3,5 and editor Microsoft Word, volume of theses to 2 pages, language Ukrainian, Russian or English, the fields are 20 from each side, type Times New Roman, size 12, intra-line interval 1,5, placing of transfers automatic, smoothing on a width for a basic text (retreat of indention is 1 see) and on a center for a title. The last names and initials of authors specify lead, second is the name of the article (selected a semi-bold type), third is the name of organization, city, fourth basic text of theses, is executed in which. Theses must be signed by all of authors and to contain the essential elements of one of authors (address, telephone, e-mail) for correspondence with an organizing committee, accompanied attitude of establishment, recommendations, toward a seal, by the conclusion of expert commission, signatures of scientific leader or leader of establishment, and notarized bu stamp. Authors are responsible for authenticity of the resulted information. Theses are not edited and published in an author release.

A cost of publications is 30 Uah for a page.


Payment for residence in hotel and feed of participants of conference is carried out by a count or by cash. Their cost will be certain later and put in a fame you additionally together with the second information message.

Official confirmation about Your participating in work of conference, publication of scientific materials and list about organization of conference will be sent you before 20.05.2011 year in an information message 2.

During registration participants should make payment.




Contact telephones, fax:

(0352) 52-72-69 is a department of organization of scientific forums doc. Voloshin Vladimir Dmitry;

(0352) 251780 is a director of educational-scientific institute of morphology prof. Volkov Kostyantin Stepan;

(0352) 25-17-80 is a department of histology, cytology and embryology, assistant Nebesna Zoya Michael (responsible for materials of conference) (from 900 to 1500 in working days).

Fax: (0352) 52-72-69, 22-41-83






An address for correspondence:

The organizing committee of scientific-practical conference the Morphological aspects of microcirculation in norm and pathology profVolkov K.S. department of histology, cytology and embryology, Ternopil state medical university named after I.YaGorbachevsky, Ruska street, 12, Ternopil, 46001, Ukraine


Department of organization of scientific forums

Ternopil state medical university named after of I.YaGorbachevsky, Maidan Voli 1, Ternopil, 46001, Ukraine