Dear colleagues !


We have the honor to invite you and your colleagues to take part in II Symposium "Immunopathology at respiratory diseases" , which will take place on October, 06-07, 2011 on the base of the Ternopil State Medical University by I. Ia. Horbachevsky.

We will be to advice to greet you in the specially created for the lead through of scientific forums congress-center of medical university, located in a forest area near-by Ternopil. The center of congress is provided with needments for the lead through of the scientific meetings creative meetings and leisure. The scientific program of conference is devoted to the coming to a head questions of immunopathology at internal illnesses and in a phthisiology.  

Official Languages of Conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish.  

Science-practical work assignments of conference:

1. Newest achievements in diagnostics   and treatment of immunological violations in the clinic of internal medicine and phthisiology;

2. An immunopathology is at pulmonary illnesses;

3. Immunopathology at tuberculosis;

4. Presentation of clinical and experimental researches of young scientists and students.


Deadline of abstracts   to June, 01, 2011.

Abstracts send please on our E-mail:



With the best wishes,

Organizational committee.