Dear Colleagues!


It is our pleasure to inform you about the scientific conference

MEDICAL AND SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF PEDIATRICS, OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. It will be held from September 20-21, 2011 in Ternopil, Ukraine. We hope youll enjoy with residing in Congress center Chervona Kalina of Ternopil State Medical University, which is situated in Ternopil surroundings.

The conference will be devoted to the next questions:

-         Medical and social health aspects in children of different age

-         Modern approaches to the feeding of early age children

-         Peculiarities of children development in different ecological and social conditions

-         Prophylaxis measures of negative ecological and social factors influence on quality of childhood life

-         The role of foodstuffs and water quality in the development and prophylaxis of diseases

-         Innovation methods in treatment and prevention of childhood diseases

-         The influence of the social and ecological factors on the health of newborns and children of early age

Conference fee 10 $.

Inhabitation price 30-40 $ per day.

You can represent lecture or poster.

We ask you to send thesis (1-2 pages, MC Word) of your lecture on our E-mail and inform about your participation before August,20-th 2012.

Contact phone number: +380672590432 (Dr. Ihor Gorishniy)